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Justin Beiber Hair Loss: It’s Worse Than I Thought

I was shocked to see that Justin Beiber is losing is hair. He’s always had incredibly thick hair and a low hairline. He also has very little facial hair, which is usually a strong sign that a man will never lose his hair.

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Last updated: Oct 20, 2023

Justin Beiber hair loss

Facial hair and body hair starts to develop in a man when testosterone is converted to the more potent androgen hormone DHT. Justin Beiber has little-to-no facial hair or body hair, which indicates he has very low DHT levels — similar to those of Chinese men.

Men from the Far East don’t tend to grow thick beards or have any body hair — and they lose their hair far less frequently than Caucasian men. There are of course exceptions to the rule and a good proportion of Caucasian men have similar hormone profiles to Far Easterners and as a result, they don’t tend to lose their hair.

So it was a real shock to see the picture of Justin Beiber’s thinning hair. However, I have read that he suffers from anxiety. It’s likely that the elevated cortisol hormone levels resulting from anxiety would have an impact on his hair — although I would usually expect that form of stress to have effected the hair at a younger age (around mid to late teens).

Justin Beiber hair loss

When you compare the far left picture to the far right picture it seems like there is a significant difference in both hair density and health. I can also see he has some acne in the middle pictures: Acne is caused by the hormones DHT and cortisol — the same hormones that cause hair loss. So perhaps his DHT levels have increased late in life and this is leading to thinning hair on his scalp.

Receding hairline

Justin Beiber receding hairline

On closer inspection it does appear that his hairline has receded slightly as well. At first, I didn’t notice this, but after a second look it seems quite clear.

Why does DHT cause hair loss in some men but not others?

It’s baffled (and annoyed) me greatly for many years why some men grow huge thick beards (caused by high DHT hormone) but they don’t lose their scalp hair. It seems like a huge contradiction. But it turns out you can have very high DHT levels and not lose your hair, providing you have very low cortisol (stress) hormone levels.

Both cortisol and DHT cause inflammation of the hair follicles — this is what causes hair loss. If you just have high DHT, your hair should be OK. If you just have high stress, your hair should be OK. If you have both, your hair is doomed.

So I suspect Justin Beiber’s DHT levels have elevated in recent years and in combination with the high cortisol hormone resulting from the anxiety, it’s highly likely that this has led to perifollicular inflammation, which gradually miniaturizes the hair follicles.

I’ve seen this process a million times. It is extremely distressing for the sufferer. I know this because I have been through it myself. I too (exactly like Justin Beiber) suffered from anxiety for many years. It’s very distressing as an anxiety sufferer to realize you have yet another problem to worry about. In this case, the worry is, “why am I losing my hair at such a young age? What’s wrong with me?”

So I must say, I certainly have empathy for Justin. It’s not nice to see your hair thinning at a young age, especially when you’re constantly being photographed and watched by people everywhere you go.

Fortunately there are solutions

Today’s hair loss solutions are actually quite good. Many people don’t really know that hair loss can be completely stopped with simple treatments. In fact, I think Justin could completely recover his hair quite easily. It isn’t extremely thin. He hasn’t suffered from extreme or sudden hair loss. And he doesn’t have a significantly receding hairline — it has only receded slightly. It’s nothing compared to Harry Styles. These are all really good signs. I think he could very easily fully recover his hair, almost back to how it was when he was 15, with very little effort.

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Well, first of all, I’d probably have a party for about… 2 or 3 years. Because let’s face it, I’m Justin Beiber. After I’ve done that, I expect I’d need to spend a solid 6 months in rehab… And then (seriously now), if my aim was to regrow my hair, I’d simply get started using a 10% Minoxidil treatment every day and micro-needling fortnightly.

DHT causes hair loss by increasing inflammatory cytokines in the scalp. So, if you want to regrow your hair you’d have to use powerful anti-inflammatories.

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