Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson

Kandee Jihnson hair tutorials

On both her YouTube channel and in real life, she is known as ‘Kandee Johnson’ to her friends, family, and all of her fans.

Kandee’s channel is based on more than simply hair. She uploads a variety of hairstyle and haircare videos, skincare and beauty videos, as well as lifestyle and vlogging videos. She uploads her fair share of videos in these different genres and uploads a couple of times a week!

Since Kandee joined the YouTube community in January 2009, she has managed to gain over 3,600,000 channel subscribers while also reaching nearly 400,000,000 video views! Wow.

Kandee’s makes her channel unique and completely different from other beauty, hairstyle, and lifestyle channels by expressing her happiness and having a witty attitude throughout her videos. In order for her to connect with her viewers, she discusses certain issues in her vlog videos such as “Life is Hard – 5 Ways to Keep Going”.

In Kandee’s most viewed YouTube video, she shows her viewers how they can decorate their lips with a glittery effect using a cheap product. She provides simple step by step instructions making it as easy as possible for her viewers to follow her and recreate her masterpiece on themselves.

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