Kayla Bavaro

Kayla Bavaro

Kayla Bavaro youtube hair tutorial

Kayla’s channel focuses primarily on makeup, however on occasion she uploads videos on hairstyles as well as discussing some of the products that she uses in her vlogs. As well as her beauty videos, her vlogging videos usually feature her boyfriend, giving her viewers an insight to her personal life.

Since Kayla joined the YouTube in 2009, she has managed to gain over 6,000 subscribers while also reaching nearly 4,000,000 video views!

Kayla tends to upload vlogs regularly and has one of the more niche beauty channels on YouTube. While a lot of her beauty videos aren’t as recent as her vlogging videos, she does post beauty related videos on occasion however her video is currently being used primarily for her to upload her vlogs.

In her most viewed YouTube Video, Kayla provides her viewers with a step by step tutorial on how they are able to put their hair in a snake braid style. While doing show, she explains each step carefully so that her viewers are able to follow her and recreate the hairstyle themselves.

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