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Kayley Melissa

Kayley focuses her channel purely on hairstyles and haircare videos. From hairstyles for when you’re running late in the morning to getting rid of those pesky split ends, she has it all. Furthermore, she has hairstyle videos based on Princess Leia and Donald Trump, take your pick from her choice of videos! Since she joined the YouTube community on the 19th of March in 2010, Kayley has managed to reach a milestone of 1,000,000 channel subscribers while also reaching over 110,000,000 video views! Rather than simply uploading hairstyle and haircare tutorials, Kayley uploads a variety of different videos such as hairstyles for prom, character hairstyles, quick and easy hairstyles, as well as tutorials on how to take care of your hair without heat damaging or chemical damaging it. In her most viewed YouTube video Kayley shows her viewers how she goes about putting her hair in a ponytail in 5 minutes while telling her viewers some of the tips that she uses as well as some of the tips that she has found most helpful to her.]]>