Lipogaine Super Review + Full Ingredients List Explained -

Lipogaine Super Review + Full Ingredients List Explained

Lipogaine is a seriously good Minoxidil topical. It contains loads of proven natural anti-hair-loss ingredients. Just take a look at the list below…

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Last updated: Jan 17, 2020

Full ingredients list

  • Water
  • propylene glycol
  • ethanol
  • minoxidil 5%
  • azelaic acid
  • retinol
  • saw palmetto extract
  • beta-sitosterol
  • oleic acid
  • linolenic acid
  • apple polyphenol
  • biotin
  • niacin
  • adenosine
  • vitamin B6 and B12
  • phosphatidycholine

Ingredients explained

Lipogaine is a great topical minoxidil product. As well as 5% Minoxidil it contains Azelaic acid, retinol, saw palmetto, beta sitosterol, oleic acid, linolenic acid, apple polyphenols, biotin, adenosine and niacin!
All of these ingredients have been shown in studies to promote hair growth and I’ve seen these ingredients crop up over and over again in major hair loss studies and in the best hair loss treatments.

  • Contains 5% Minoxidil, which is clinically proven to increase blood circulation in the scalp and reduce hair loss in some individuals
  • Contains azelaic acid, which is also thought to promote blood circulation on the scalp
  • Contains retinol (vitamin A), an antioxidant which is thought to help reduce hair loss
  • Contains saw palmetto, which reduces the production of DHT (the most significant cause of hair loss in men)