How strengthening your liver can dramatically reduce your hair loss -

How strengthening your liver can dramatically reduce your hair loss

The liver is a hugely important organ. It’s like the body’s detoxification centre. It processes toxins, fats and hormones. Unfortunately if you’ve led an average modern lifestyle, your liver is likely to have suffered some serious strain over the years. Stress has a major impact on the liver. So does alcohol consumption and poor diet.

Your liver could probably do with a good service

If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that your liver has a lot of room for improvement. Fortunately I know exactly how to make the improvements. Chapter 3 of the eBook is dedicated to cleansing and strengthening your liver. This is massively important. I take you through a day by day procedure that will ‘purge’ the built up materials from your liver and then build it’s strength back up using some special foods and herbs.
This is the most difficult part of the eBook to follow. It’s not hugely easy but the resulting benefit makes the process well worth it. You can complete the procedure I explain at home around your work schedule. You will need to buy some herbs and special foods. And you will need to change your diet for between ten and twenty eight days depending on how thoroughly you want to follow the procedure. I provide both an ideal schedule to follow and a compromise schedule for those times when you’re feeling lazy.
Once you’ve completed the procedure your liver will be much stronger. This will not only help your hair, it will also help improve your overall appearance and slow your rate of ageing.

How this helps reduce hair loss

Once your liver is better able to process hormones, fats and toxins your hormonal balance will improve. Toxins will be eliminated from your system faster, meaning your body will have more capacity to deal with less essential jobs such as growing hair, rather than dealing with toxic build up.
In simple terms, the liver is the most important organ in the ageing process. If your liver is running really efficiently your body will be in better working order. It will be healthier and cleaner. That means your hair and skin will no-longer be neglected as much. There will be a greater abundance of nutrients available to grow hair as they will be needed less elsewhere. Your blood will be cleaner which will improve circulation and aid in the transport of nutrients to the scalp.