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What Would Boy Band One Direction Look Like With No Hair?

Anyone for more cheese? Let’s examine the game show runners up in more detail… Liam Payne bald losing hair loss To anyone with an IQ over 90, looking at photos of One Direction squinting slightly can cause a little bit of sick to lurch up into one’s mouth. Of course if the individual is to swallow the sick it won’t travel in one direction. Harry Styles bald with no hair loss Ha! Ha ha. There are really only a few suitable responses to that picture. Here’s one: ricky gervais laughing Now, we all know that this next game show runner up enjoys the taste of cheese. But did you know his addiction to cheese is so bad that his face is actually stuck in this expression? In his head right now he’s saying “God I love cheese so much. I wish I could just look at a Baby Bell for 5 seconds”. Zayn Malik bald It’s OK One Direction person; there’s plenty of cheese in the world. You won’t go hungry tonight. In all seriousness though, a cheese addiction that bad can only have been brought about by the actions of one man: Simon Cowell of course. Coowwwell. Get it? Simon Cowell: the master originator of all cheese. Simon Cowell disgusted gif Stay tuned kids, next week we’ve got the top ten world’s most hated celebrities ….without hair. Here’s one example: Kim Kardashian hilarious bald picture See you same time next week for the most hilarious pictures of celebrities without hair.]]>