Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair best hair on YouTube

On YouTube they go by the name ‘Luxy Hair’. This brand is made up of Jessica, Missy, Karin, Kristina, and Christen!

What Their Channel’s About

The Luxy Hair girls craft their videos showing their viewers a variety of hairstyles, which consist of braids, buns, waves, or curls. Whatever you want your hair to look like, they can show you how.

The Luxy Hair girls have been a part of the YouTube community since April in 2010, and are one of the biggest YouTube channels which have dedicated their videos towards Hairstyles.

Loving their hair, the Luxy Hair girls give their viewer’s tutorials on how celebrities get their hairstyles as they are, as well as some of their favorite styles. Some of these tutorials may be difficult and above your skill level, although over the course of time watching their videos you’ll be ready in no time.

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