How to make your hair grow faster, longer and healthier: The NKI Method -

How to make your hair grow faster, longer and healthier: The NKI Method

What I’m about to show you is very simple method that makes your hair incredibly healthy. This method significantly accelerates hair growth, as well as making your skin healthier. It’s very simple, but once you see it you’ll understand why it’s so effective. Every morning we’re going to send a rich mixture of hair growth […]

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Last updated: Dec 14, 2019

Make your hair grow faster

What I’m about to show you is very simple method that makes your hair incredibly healthy. This method significantly accelerates hair growth, as well as making your skin healthier.

It’s very simple, but once you see it you’ll understand why it’s so effective.

Every morning we’re going to send a rich mixture of hair growth nutrients to your scalp. You’re not going to use a conditioner or cream. You’re going to drink the nutrients and send them to your hair via your bloodstream, using a very special technique.

This is by far THE BEST way to feed your hair


We’ve analysed the precise chemical composition of hair keratin and the nutrients the body uses to grow hair.

Biotin is involved in the synthesis of collagen, responsible for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Hair keratin is made up of 18 amino acids. And it needs vitamins like biotin and minerals like iron to grow.

We’ve taken the precise nutrients required to grow hair keratin as well as all the nutrients that support hair growth and put them into a special hair growth smoothie that you can make at home.

A major study conducted in Germany in 2000 has shown that a combination of Millet Extract, Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) and the amino acid L-Cysteine can bring hair growth back [in hair loss sufferers] to within normal rates

So, every morning you just need to consume those amino acids, plus the key B vitamins and minerals your body needs to convert the amino acids into hair keratin.

Then I’m going to show you how to send those nutrients straight to your hair — this is the crucial bit.

Let’s get started….

You’ll need the following items:

watercress rocket spinach for hair

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1 bag of mixed baby leaf salad (spinach, rocket and watercress)

This is for the iron, vitamin C and protein (there’s quite a lot of protein in spinach).

Egg yolk

Many studies have shown that the cholesterol in eggs does not raise cholesterol level in the body. Furthermore, eggs contain Lecithin, a valuable nutrient that helps the body to process fats and cholesterol.

1 egg yolk

This is key. But please don’t worry about the taste or texture. Once it’s blended you won’t even notice it. Trust me.

The egg yolk is very rich in B vitamins, which support healthy hair and skin. Egg yolks are one of the best natural sources of nutrients on the planet. And eating raw yolks actually helps lower cholesterol. They’re very good for you raw. Less so when cooked.

Full spectrum amino acid powder

Full spectrum BCAA Powder

BCAA stands for branch chain amino acids. These are the building blocks of hair keratin. In fact the body takes these amino acids and turns them into hair via a process called keratinisation.

You only need one scoop of this powder for two to three glasses of smoothie. This stuff is what your body is going to use to make your hair grow like crazy.
Best organic EFA omega oils

EFA oil

EFA stands for essential fatty acids. These are going to help balance your hormones and improve your circulatory health.

In fact all of the ingredients in this smoothie are incredibly good for you. The technique I’m about to show you is going to do your health a world of good.

bag of frozen berries

Low sugar fruits

The last thing to add to the smoothie is a handful of low sugar fruits. These include:

  • Strawberries
  • Cranberries
  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Kiwifruit
  • Papaya
  • Watermelon

I just take a handful from a frozen bag of berries, like the one pictured.

It’s easy and takes about three minutes to chuck all the ingredients in a blender and mix them up.

The low sugar fruits are high in antioxidants, which prevent the oxidation of molecules (which is basically aging). So we’re using these to improve the health of the cells in your scalp.

Add some water (roughly fill your blender to three quarters of the height of the blender contents), like this:


The key to this method

OK so you’ve got a smoothie full of hair growth nutrients. Now you need to send those nutrients to your hair, in a special way.
Here’s how to do it:

First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, drink one glass of the smoothie mixture and take 50 mg of niacin.

Solgar niacin for hair growth

Niacin is a B vitamin, which is very good for your circulatory health and has many other benefits.

Niacin is an important vitamin for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and metabolism- especially balancing blood cholesterol levels Dr. Axe

By taking 50mg on an empty stomach the niacin will cause your blood to flush to your skin. In other words, it will cause all the nutrients you’ve just consumed to go into the tiny blood vessels at the surface of your skin. This is exactly what we want.

100mg is the smallest tablet size you can get so you’ll have to get those and snap them in half.

I recommend the Solgar product pictured. I’ve tried a few different brands and I know this one is good.

So, you’ve drunk the hair growth nutrients. Now you’re sending them to your skin. Next…

The inversion method

The niacin is causing all those healthy nutrients to flow to your skin. Don’t worry they won’t make hair grow all over your body. In fact these nutrients will make your skin incredibly healthy after a month of following this method, but they won’t make hair grow. We need to do something else to make the hair on your scalp start growing…

Now you just need to perform a simple yoga move:

downward dog

The downward dog yoga position

Try to hold this position for 5 minutes if you can. 2 minutes is fine. But the longer the better. Do this when you start to feel the niacin flush.

The niacin flush might make your skin feel itchy and hot. Don’t worry, this is a good thing. It means it’s filling the blood vessels at the surface of your skin with all those healthy nutrients, nourishing your skin.

Now we’re going to send them to your hair.

Increase nutrient supply to hair

This yoga position is going to force blood to flow into the micro blood vessels at the surface of your scalp. And in doing so the hair growth nutrients are being sent to your hair.

Nicotinic acid (niacin) was of greater benefit to younger and middle-aged subjects, who showed remarkable short-term memory improvements [in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study] Life Enhancement Magazine

If you’re not experiencing hair loss this method will make your hair grow like crazy. It will make it healthier, better quality and stronger. And it will nourish your skin and improve your circulatory health. It will also do a lot of good for your brain because we’re sending a tonne of really healthy nutrients to it.

If you are experiencing hair loss this method is the first step in stopping it. To learn about the crucial next step in reversing hair loss, check this out.

If you’re not experiencing hair loss, carry on reading.

Why does this method make your hair grow so rapidly?

It might seem like a simple technique, but what you need to understand is the reason your hair is not growing as fast as it could.

Essentially your hair is experiencing malnutrition because it’s receiving a very restricted supply of keratin-building nutrients.

As a result the blood vessels in your scalp may have become under-used, unhealthy and weak.

Using the Niacin Keratin Inversion method, we’re bringing your scalp back to life. If you don’t force nutrients into your scalp every morning until it’s healed the health of your hair will continue to deteriorate as you age.

Imagine if you could have the hair you had when you were a teenager, when you’re at retirement age?

The NKI method floods your scalp with antioxidants, protecting the cells from free-radical damage (reducing the effects of aging).
It intensely nourishes your hair from within, keeping it thick and shiny.
And it provides your hair and skin with the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids required for healthy cells and good circulatory health.
This simple method will flood your scalp with nutrients, healing your scalp and intensely nourishing your hair.
Indian man held hand up for years
Here’s a good way to understand this: The man in this picture held his hand above his head for 40 years (for some reason!). Seriously, check it out. Notice how dead his hand looks? In fact it is dead. Her can no longer move it.
Every part of your body needs nutrients to be supplied via the bloodstream. Otherwise it dies (that’s why people’s fingers fall off when they experience frostbite).
Your scalp goes through a milder version of that guy’s hand because it’s at the top of your body all day so it’s the hardest place for your blood to reach, due to gravity.
By following this method for just a few minutes every morning (ideally longer) you’re forcing an incredible amount of the perfect combination of hair growing nutrients into the micro blood-vessels that connect to your hair.
That’s how your hair grows. Now you’re going to make it grow longer, faster and healthier.
So if you think about it, imagine how healthy your hair will be if you use this method for several months?

What if it doesn’t work?

OK so everything you’re doing so far is amazing. But here’s the thing.
Remember earlier I said that hair won’t grow all over your body, no matter how many hair growth nutrients you send to your skin?
The same is true of your scalp, if your scalp contains high levels of a hormone called DHT.
Hair grows from your scalp only because hormonal messages make it grow. That’s why hair won’t grow all over your body from drinking this smoothie every day. Body hair requires DHT in order to make it grow. Conversely, scalp hair dies if it comes into contact with too much DHT.
When a man or woman’s hair growth slows down or their hair becomes less healthy that same hormone is usually the cause. It also causes hairs to miniaturize gradually over time, making your hair thinner. This is extremely common in both men and women as we get older.
If you’ve noticed your hair quality get worse as you’ve aged or it’s growing more slowly, it’s likely due to DHT, which increases as we age.

So, what’s the answer?

The answer is simple. Hair growth is controlled by hormones. Add therein lies the the answer to perfect hair.
It really is that simple. If you have too much DHT in your scalp your hair quality will decrease. Vice versa, if a man has too little of that same hormone in his face, he won’t grow facial hair. DHT is the hormone that controls hair growth.
So the answer is to reduce DHT in your scalp.
You can either do that with a supplement (see world’s best DHT blocker supplements), you can use prescription medication (I advise against this due to the number of emails I’ve received from people have have suffered severe side effects) or you can use the method I used.
If you’re hair is thinning and you want it to make it thicker, you’ll need to reduce DHT in your scalp.
I’ve got a short email series explaining my technique for changing the hormones in your scalp. If you’d like to receive it (one email every three days) sign-up below for free:

Chris Carter before and after hair loss

Me, before and after using my method

While you’re waiting for my first email, I highly recommend getting yourself a bottle of ketoconazole shampoo. Ketoconazole reduces scalp DHT. Note: you only need this if your hair is thinning.
I also recommend getting a really good DHT blocker supplement (the ones in this list also contain hair growth supporting nutrients). Again — you only need this if your hair is thinning.
Finally, if you want to read some more today, check out my article on removing DHT from your scalp (this is another step from my book).

Questions, ideas, comments?

If you have any questions about this method, leave me a comment. If you want to try it, let me know how you get on. Why not set up a blog or do a series of Youtube videos to track your progress?
Have a great day and hasta la vista.