Make Thin, Fine Hair Thicker With THIS -

Make Thin, Fine Hair Thicker With THIS

First thing is first, get yourself the necessary products and apply them. A list of products you’ll need are:

  • Anti-Gravity Spray

  • Body Builder Moose

  • Anti-Gravity Oil Free Volumizer

  • Full Again Thickening Lotion

All of these products can be found at your local supermarket and should not be too difficult to get your hands on!
Start off by spraying the anti-gravity spray on your hair — no need to massage it in. Once you’ve done that, spray the moose in to your hair, massaging it into both your hair and your scalp making sure that you get as much of your hair covered as possible.
After that, apply the oil free volumizer in the same fashion, making sure that you get right to the roots. And finally, apply the thickening lotion.
Once you have all of the products deep in your hair, blow dry the sides of your hair using a specific technique to make sure that you don’t damage your hair. Take a brush and brush sections of your hair, blow drying each section carefully and brushing it afterwards. Make sure your blow dryer has a nozzle attached so that you get a more directional based air-flow.
Now for the top. The top of your hair may have dried out while you were working on the sides of your hair, if that’s the case then spray a little of the volumizing spray on to it before we get started.
Take sections of your hair and wrap them around your brush tight, not too tight that you will hurt yourself though. Blow dry your hair similar to before and slowly unravel your hair from the brush as you go. Do this for each section of your hair, trying not to hurt yourself as you go.
Finished! Now that we’ve finished, take a look at your hair and how good of a job you have done. Enjoy it.