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The content of Tina’s YouTube channel consists of strictly hair videos. This makes her channel one of the best out there for hair styles, hair tips, and the best videos on how to use hair products.
Tina has been a part of the YouTube community since the July in 2012, longer than a lot of other hairstyle based channels. Since she’s joined, she has managed to reach nearly 950,000 channel subscribers along with a massive 80,000,000 video views.
Tina trys to get at least 1 video uploaded a week, and those videos a primarily focused on haircare and hairstyles. Her videos range from the best and latest hairstyles that she has found, as well as the best products for taking care of your hair. On top of her hairstyle videos, she goes on to upload quick hairstyles every so often, directed at those who don’t like spending hours preparing their hair.
In her most viewed YouTube video, Tina gives a tutorial on simple ways to put your hair up in a bun. While this may seem like a fairly common video, her goal is to show her viewers the fastest way to do it, making it perfect for those days when you’re running late.