Your hair is starving. Here’s how to fix it. All you need is 2 minutes

Your hair is starving. It’s starving for one simple reason: the nutrient supply has been severely restricted.

The longer the nutrient supply is restricted, the thinner your hair grows.

Until eventually, it stops growing.

Imagine if you completely reversed this.

Imagine if you increased the nutrient supply to above normal levels. So your hair was receiving more nutrients than a healthy head of hair receives.

There is a way to do this. And it’s much easier than you might think. In fact this method takes just two minutes to perform, just before bed and it floods your scalp with powerful hair growth nutrients all day every day.

And you can imagine the difference it makes going from a tiny, restricted nutrient supply, to a flood of powerful hair growth nutrients night after night, intensely nourishing your hair and healing your scalp’s micro-circulatory system.

Well, that’s why this method is so effective and has had such great results for people suffering from hair loss. Here’s one example:

Alain Pamintuan before and after hair loss nicehair

It’s vital you understand this if you want to make your hair grow

Increase blood circulation in scalp

Every hair on a healthy scalp is connected to a blood vessel. This is how it receives nutrients and grows. However, hair loss sufferers have an extremely weak supply of blood to their hair follicles. In fact, it’s so weak that some of the hairs can become completely parted from the blood vessels. And in the end, they stop growing altogether.

The result is that the hair literally starves to death through malnourishment.

Use this powerful hair growth technique to intensely feed and regrow your hair…

This technique triggers your body to send massive amounts of nutrients to your hair. Every night before bed you perform this simple technique. It takes just two minutes.

For the following 24 hours after you have performed the technique, your body is forced to send massive amounts of blood to your scalp. The blood contains the nutrients your hair needs to grow. This is the only way to make hair grow.

The nutrient-rich blood flows to your scalp, intensely nourishing your hair all day long.

The technique tricks your body into thinking that it needs to send blood to the hair on your scalp. It’s a perfectly safe technique and is actually very good for you. It takes literally minutes but the result is incredible…

Before and after ebook review

By flooding your scalp with a special combination of nutrients day after day, your scalp gradually starts to heal and hair begins to grow again. It takes time. For some people it can take a year before they start to see results. For others it takes just a few weeks.

How it works

Increase nutrient supply to hair

Every morning you drink a special smoothie. The smoothie contains several amino acids as well as some other ingredients. These amino acids are basically the building blocks of hair keratin. Then in the evening, you perform the technique. This technique essentially ‘tells’ your scalp to start growing hair again. And at the same time, it draws in all those amino acids and other super healthy nutrients into your scalp. Over the next 24 hours, your scalp and hair follicles get intensely nourished. Your weakened hair follicles receive a rich supply of super-healthy hair growth nutrients.

But there’s one problem. Your hair won’t start growing again just yet. We need to do one more thing…

Regenerate the damaged hair follicles

When you lose your hair, the follicles become damaged. If you want to grow your hair back you have to regenerate your damaged hair follicles. Otherwise, you will never regrow your hair. In fact, it’s completely impossible. You’re totally wasting your time with any hair loss treatment like Rogaine because until the follicles have been regenerated they can never grow.

So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

And don’t worry it’s not complicated or difficult.

I’m going to show you how to gently break down the damaged scalp skin and follicles and then we’re going to use that flood of powerful hair growth nutrients to regenerate healthy new young hair follicles all over your scalp.

It takes time. You might expect a few new hair follicles to regenerate each time you perform the technique. Maybe up to 10 if you’re lucky. But in time you’ll soon be watching as hundreds and then thousands of new hairs start popping up all over your scalp.

To get started, click the Get Started button! Check out the amazing before and afters here.

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  1. I could not find an Ebook of yours anywhereon the website. Can you provide a link or PDF version of that Hair Loss Ebook so that I can stop the Side – Pattern baldness of mine!!??

    Please help

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