How to dilate the blood vessels in the scalp and flood the scalp with hair growth nutrients

Imagine holding your hand up above your head until all the blood left your hand making your fingers numb. Now imagine doing that for thirty years non-stop. Well, that’s what a guy called Amar Bharati has done in devotion to the Hindu deity Shiva. There’s a good reason I’ve told you this. Look at his […]

Indian man held hand up for years

Imagine holding your hand up above your head until all the blood left your hand making your fingers numb.

Now imagine doing that for thirty years non-stop. Well, that’s what a guy called Amar Bharati has done in devotion to the Hindu deity Shiva.

There’s a good reason I’ve told you this.

Look at his hand in the photo. It’s completely dead. In fact, he no longer has use of it — it can’t be moved and it’s even started to rot! You’ll also note his right arm is smaller than his left: like it’s been starved.

This strange story is actually extremely relevant to your hair: because it’s one of the main reasons your hair is slowly dying.

This is what’s happening to your hair:

Long before you started noticing your hair was getting thinner, you probably noticed it started looking unhealthy — dry and brittle. This may have happened years ago — years before any hair loss became noticeable. Later, your hair will have started to look visibly thinner as a result of hair follicle miniaturisation.

When the supply of nutrients to the hair is restricted, the hair follicles gradually shrink. Eventually they stop growing altogether.

Essentiall, they are starved to death.

Your hair was (and still is) slowly being starved

This is exactly what you would expect to happen to hair that has an extremely restricted supply of the key nutrients needed for healthy hair growth.

Your hair receives the nutrients it needs to grow via the blood stream. Each hair is connected to a tiny blood vessel. The body sends amino acids to the follicles via these tiny vessels. The amino acids are turned into keratin via a process called keratinization.

Increase nutrient supply to hair

Why does the blood supply become restricted in some people?

There are several biological changes that occur in the scalp as we age (particularly in male scalps). These changes restrict the nutrient supply to your hair. I won’t go into the full details of those causes right now because they’re quite complex (and covered in several other articles on — see below).

Suffice to say, the severe nutrient restriction is a result of a series of hormonal changes, caused by stress (prolonged elevated cortisol hormone), , increased PGD2, decreased PGE2 and decreased scalp IGF-1.

You can learn all about these causes of hair loss and how I reverse them (turning each cause into a powerful hair growth factor, by reversing it and multiplying), by subscribing to my email series.

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All of these problems are dealt with properly in The Scalp Regeneration Method — which I highly recommend you download and start using every day going forward.

For now, in this article, we’re going to focus on one of the methods you can use to¬†flood your scalp with a powerful combination of hair growth nutrients, so you can alleviate the malnutrition caused by the nutrient restriction explained above.

Flood your scalp with powerful hair growth nutrients all day, every day

The quickest and easiest way to start vastly improving the health of your hair and scalp, is to flood it with a rich supply of hair growth nutrients all day, every day.

Around ten years ago I invented a method for doing this, which I called the Alternation Method. It worked by mildly damaging the scalp skin using a Dermaroller, which caused a massive increase in blood supply to the hair follicles in the scalp. Doing this two to three times per week alone is enough to vastly improve the health of existing hair.

Essentially, all you have to do is drink a special smoothie twice per day. The smoothie contains:

  • The key amino acids needed to make hair grow: these amino acids have been proven in several studies to significantly increase hair growth when consumed.
  • B vitamins (particularly biotin), which is needed for the conversion of the amino acids into hair keratin (hair keratin is made almost entirely comprised of the amino acids I mentioned above).
  • A natural source of iron: in almost all hair loss studies where iron was used, hair growth was increased as a result of the inclusion of iron.
  • A natural source of powerful antioxidants
  • Several supporting nutrients the body needs to make hair grow and support healthy hair and skin: which have all been clearly demonstrated in studies to significantly increase hair growth.

This smoothie is consumed twice per day. The nutrients are synthesized by the body into the compounds needed for hair growth.

How to flood your scalp with the nutrients

The key is that the synthesized nutrients are now in your blood — this is the only way to send nutrients to your hair and intensely nourish it. Forget about hair masks, conditioners and other gimmicks. All they do is coat your hair in chemicals, which makes it look smoother and shinier. They don’t feed your hair. To make your hair super healthy we need to intensely feed it via the bloodstream.

Increase blood circulation in scalp

In fact, by far the best way to increase hair growth is to increase the blood supply to your hair.

Sending nutrient-rich blood to your hair to intensely nourish it

Next you use a simple method, which forces your body to massively increase the blood supply to the scalp. I actually use three powerful methods two achieve this in my Scalp Regeneration Method, but for now, I’ll just explain one.

Increase nutrient supply to hair

OK, to recap, you’re blood is now rich in a very powerful combination of synthesized hair growth nutrients. Now, twice per week before bed you need to use a Dermaroller on your scalp.

Let me explain why you’re doing this:

What happens when your skin is wounded?

When your skin is wounded, your body sends a huge supply of extra blood flow and nutrients to heal the wound as quickly as possible (makes sense right? Otherwise the wound won’t heal). This is a logical and extremely clever result of millions of years of evolution. It’s remarkable when you think about it: our bodies can repair themselves when they’re damaged.

So all your doing is using your skin’s natural healing mechanisms to cause a flood of hair growth nutrients to your scalp.
But my method shows you how to do far more than that. In fact this is the crucial part:

We’re going to use this natural mechanism of the skin to do something remarkable.

The Dermaroller will only make tiny, invisible wounds in your scalp. You’ll hardly be able to notice them. The only thing you might notice, if you have pale skin, is your scalp will look a little red. This is a result of the increased blood supply to your scalp — it means your hair is being nourished with powerful hair growth nutrients, carried in your bloodstream.

You’ll note as you observe your scalp over the following 24 hours, as your skin repairs the minor wounds, that your scalp will remain flush with blood all day and night. Remember, that blood is rich in powerful hair growth nutrients. This nutrient-rich blood will now go to work healing the microcirculatory system in your scalp, which is vital for hair growth.

Essentially what this means is we have flooded your scalp with a rich supply of powerful hair growth nutrients.

This one method alone will greatly improve the health of your existing hair. But it won’t make lost hair grow back. To achieve that I developed another, more advanced method.

This is the key to generating new hair follicles and making your hair thicker

A remarkable discovery was revealed several years back in the Penn School of Medicine research department. It’s called hair follicle neogenesis and it’s not science fiction. It’s proven fact.

The researchers there, headed by Dr Cotsarelis, discovered that when a growth factor is added to wounded skin, the skin heals and in doing so it generates new hair follicles.

Let’s start initiating hair follicle neogenesis — and start growing thousands of new hairs

Skin is an amazing organ (not many people know skin is an organ). It has the remarkable ability to rebuild itself when it becomes damaged. This is the key feature of the skin, which we are using to make new hair grow. How?

Skin naturally contains hair follicles

So when you grow new skin, you don’t just grow skin, you actually generate new hair follicles. This is the basic premise of hair follicle neogenesis.

I won’t go into the details of how we initiate hair follicle neogenesis in this article because it’s already a super long article. But if you want to learn how we move on to the next step of initiating hair follicle neogenesis, make sure you’re subscribed to my email newsletter.

In my weekly newsletter, I send out an email every Sunday night. In each email of the series, I take you through each step of my Scalp Regeneration Method.

You must understand this

To put it quite simply though, there is one factor I must make sure you understand:

If you want to regrow your hair, you must regenerate your scalp skin. You must go through a process of scalp regeneration, replacing the old malnourished skin and follicles (think of the Indian guy’s hand), with fresh new healthy skin, which contains brand new healthy luscious hair follicles.

Here are the results of one of the users of the method:

Alain Pamintuan before and after hair loss nicehair

I also used the method to regrow my hair. You can see mine and several other before and after pictures here.

To learn precisely how I did this please download my Scalp Regeneration Method instructions.

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