Michelle Phan - nicehair.org: How to Stop Hair Loss

Michelle Phan

Michelle’s videos focus more on taking care of yourself, rather than just your hair. Her primary focus is how you can take care of your skin, however she uploads a lot of other videos detailing how to get your life on the right track and become successful. Michelle has been a part of the YouTube community since July 2006, making her one of the older hair and beauty channels. Since she has joined, she has managed to reach over 8,600,000 channel subscribers as well as over 1.2 billion video views!!! A lot of Michelle’s video aren’t beauty related, however there are a fair amount of videos which focus on showing her viewers how they are able to make themselves look like celebrities or characters, such as Lady Gaga or even a zombie! In her most viewed YouTube video, Michelle provides her viewers with a tutorial on how they can make themselves look exactly like Barbie! During this video, she shows her viewers every step that she takes as well as telling them all of the products that she uses to do so, and how they can take care of their skin and hair building up to the transformation.]]>