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Miconazole Nitrate for Hair Growth: Does it Work?

Miconazole nitrate, or Monistat is an antifungal drug used to treat skin and fungal infections. It is commonly used in the treatment of pityriasis (also known as tinea versicolor), a condition that causes the lightening or darkening of the skin usually on your forearms, shoulders and back.
Miconazole Nitrate Cream
Although alopecia is rarely caused by skin conditions, it is thought that Monistat may contribute to hair growth due to its multiple properties.

Why could Monistat be effective in treating hair loss?

Monistat is believed to be effective due to its oxidizing properties. Veins and capillaries relax when miconazole nitrate is applied to the skin, which improves circulation and nourishes the hair follicle. Although this aspect alone may not be a significant contribution, Monistat has many other properties that make it effective in treating hair loss:

5 alpha reductase inhibitor

Studies have shown that miconazole nitrate inhibits 5 apha reductase, which is an enzyme involved in the synthesis of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), an androgen hormone produced in larger quantities in the male body.
Excessive DHT builds up in the hair follicle, blocking nutrients and leading to the gradual thinning of the hair shaft.

Antifungal properties

Monistat is one of the most effective ways to treat fungal infections of the scalp and skin, particularly “tinea capitis” (similar to ringworm). If these conditions are treated, hair follicles will start receiving all necessary nutrients, leading to healthy and rapid hair regrowth.

Clearing of the pores

Miconazole nitrate kills the bacteria building up into your pores and (literally) not allowing your skin to breathe. A healthy scalp is essential to hair growth and influences the look and feel of your hair.

Potential side effects

Please ask for your doctor’s opinion before using Monistat. Your scalp may feel very dry during the first days of use, but this doesn’t happen all the time, as the way you react to treatment depends on your own body and skin, which are completely different from anyone else’s. Moreover, you must never use Monistat in combination with anticoagulants (e.g. warfarin), as it may lead to mild bleeding and irritation. You should also avoid it if you are currently using other anti-fungal medication.

Should you try it?

There have been mixed reviews concerning miconazole nitrate as treatment for hair growth. You are free to try it if you wish to, but keep all safety precautions in mind and don’t feel disappointed if you don’t get the desired results. Also bear in mind that reversing hair loss is a long-term process, so try using Monistat for a few months before drawing any conclusions.

Video Reviews of Miconazole Nitrate for Hair Growth

Here you can find a few positive and negative reviews from people who have used miconazole nitrate to grow hair:

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