The Most Advanced Natural Hair Loss Treatment -

The Most Advanced Natural Hair Loss Treatment

In this guide I’m going to explain something fundamental about hair growth, that you can easily change to trigger significant hair regrowth.

I sent a massive supply of blood to my hair, using a very simple, clever trick, which increases blood circulation in your scalp all night long, while you sleep

There’s something very important that you need to understand about hair growth:
Increase nutrient supply to scalp
If your hair receives no blood supply via the blood vessels, it cannot grow. It’s as simple as that.
The method I’m about to explain is the best way to increase the nutrient supply to your hair, by massively improving micro-blood-circulation in your scalp.

Massively increase nutrient supply to your hair, the clever way

If you want to stop hair loss you must make sure there is a good blood supply to your hair.
So that’s exactly what I did to regrow my hair: I sent a massive supply of blood to my hair, using a very simple, clever trick, which increases blood circulation in your scalp all night long, while you sleep.

How exactly did I do it?

Dermaroller for hair loss
It’s very easy. All you need is a Dermaroller. A Dermaroller is a device commonly used to heal scars, by triggering the body to heal in the area that it’s used on.
What does this mean for your hair?
It means you can trigger your body to concentrate nutrient supply on your scalp.
More nutrients = more hair growth.
And remember, you’re consuming the best possible mixture of keratin building nutrients twice per day with the hair growth smoothie I explained previously.

How I triggered new hair growth

IGF-1 may therefore be able to stimulate the proliferation of hair follicle cells through cellular signaling pathways of its receptors. Division of Molecular Neurobiology, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

I’ve taken this method a step further though.
Using research from the Division of Molecular Neurobiology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine I found out how to increase a growth hormone called IGF-1 in my scalp.
By increasing IGF-1 in my scalp I was effectively “telling my hair” to grow again.

Addition of caffeine in concentrations of 0.001% and 0.005% were found to counteract the suppressive effects of testosterone on hair growth, with a higher hair shaft elongation seen Role of Caffeine in the Management of Androgenetic Alopecia, International Journal of Trichology

I discovered a potent natural source of IGF-1, which is available online at places like Amazon and many other websites. I combined this with the world’s strongest natural antioxidant, a natural PGD2 blocker, potent natural DHT blockers and a natural source of caffeine — which have been shown in several major recent studies to stimulate significant hair growth.
First thing in the morning I drink a smoothie that contains a special combination of nutrients that the body uses to grow hair keratin — amino acids, biotin, arginine and several natural supporting nutrients. This is essentially the perfect combination of hair growing nutrients.
Then in the evening I used the Dermaroller and my hair growth tonic, which contains IGF-1, the DHT and PGD2 blockers, antioxidants and caffeine. The action of the Dermaroller forces blood to flow to your scalp (I have pale skin so I can see that my scalp is red for several hours after using the Dermaroller). This means that all the keratin building nutrients are being sent to my scalp.

Putting it all together

Dr. Harada, in published research, found that hair follicles in balding areas of the scalp had significantly diminished levels of IGF -1 compared to levels in non-balding areas MPB Research

I was drinking the hair growth smoothie with niacin during the day and using the inversion method to force nutrients into my scalp. Then in the evening I was using the Dermaroller to trigger my body to send increase blood flow (and with it the nutrients) to my scalp. The Dermaroller also provokes the skin to heal. This is key because it trigger cell generation.

Now, here’s where it gets good:

I saw hundreds and hundreds of new thin blond hairs all over my scalp between the existing hairs

IGF-1 plays a key role in growth in the body. But it declines as we age. And it especially declines in the scalps of people experiencing hair loss. And there’s a link between high scalp DHT levels and low scalp IGF-1 levels.
In other words, there is a clear link between low IGF-1, high DHT and hair loss in the scalp.
Essentially, the technique I’m describing reverses this chemical scenario, making your scalp like that of someone who has healthy hair growth. This is the key to reversing hair loss. And it’s natural, cheap, extremely effective and has no side effects.

So what happens when you do all of this?

small blond hairs started appearing all over my scalp between the existing hairs

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I guess you can see why my hair grew back so significantly. More significantly than anything else I’ve seen, using only natural methods and no surgery.
The hair growth smoothie combined with the inversion method I described in a previous article is a very effective way of significantly increasing nutrient supply to your hair. But it was only after I introduced the hormone that triggers new hair growth and reduced the hormone that prevents hair growth that small blond hairs started appearing all over my scalp between the existing hairs.
Gradually they got thicker and turned darker. And then more and more started appearing, even where my hair had receded. That’s when I knew I had cracked it.
The IGF-1 Dermaroller technique is far more advanced than the other methods I’ve explained on the website. And this is where you will see significant results.
If you think this sounds complicated or difficult to do, believe me it’s not. It takes a few minutes a day before bed and you only have to do it twice per week. I’ll be guiding you though everything you need to do with clear, simple instructions.
Chris Carter
Everything you’re doing so far is great, if you’ve been following my email series. But this is the breakthrough that made my hair grow back. When I saw hundreds and hundreds of new thin blond hairs all over my scalp between the existing hairs I knew this was it.
Get yourself a Dermaroller for $10 on Amazon. You won’t regret it. Then download my advanced instructions and start using this technique. You’ll see hair regrowth like mine within a few months.