My Routine for PERFECT Shiny Straight Hair -

My Routine for PERFECT Shiny Straight Hair

It can be frustrating to try to get your hair how you like it in the morning, so today we will cover some methods on how to get yourself into a regular hair routine that is best for you and your hair.
You’ll need a hair brush to brush each section before you straighten it. A straightener to, well, straighten your hair. A heat protectant product, preferably a product that is made of natural sources instead of harmful chemicals. A hair clip, and some argon oil to apply afterwards.
After washing your hair with quality shampoo and conditioner, towel dry it to get rid of some of the moisture so that your hair isn’t soaked, then let it fully air dry.
Now section your hair, the easiest way being to split it into right and left, and use the hair clip to clip whichever side you aren’t going to straighten to the opposing side. Apply the heat protectant, brush your hair, and straighten away. Do this with the rest of your hair until you feel necessary. If you feel as though a section isn’t straightened well, go back and straighten it again, but make sure you brush it too. Note that if your hair is naturally straight, straighten your hair on the lowest heat setting anyway.
If you want to see the difference from before and after you’ve straightened your hair, take the time to look at your hair after you’ve straightened only one side of your hair. It really will show the difference.
Hair extensions should also be a part of your hair routine. Do the same to your extensions as you did with your hair. Spray the heat protectant onto the extensions, and straighten them. Once you’ve done that, put the hair extensions into your hair and take a few minutes to brush all of your hair and go over it all with a small amount of the argon oil, massaging it into as much of your hair and smoothing out the top of your hair.
Now that you’re done, take a look at how smooth, shiny and silky your hair is.