My secret method for stopping hair loss -

My secret method for stopping hair loss

My method is based on logic. It’s an intelligent strategy that achieves three key objectives:

  • Completely stops hair loss
  • Re-activates dormant hair follicles
  • Prolongs the hairs growth phase

By completing these three objectives my hair has almost fully grown back. I was never fully bald but I had lost at least 50% of my hair and it was very noticeable. If you saw me now you would have no idea that six months ago I had thin hair to the point that my scalp was showing.

How does my method work?

What I did to restore my hair was this:
I eliminated the underlying causes of hair loss. Plain and simple. What are the underlying causes of hair loss?

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Blocked pores in the scalp that trap hairs and block hair growth
  • Excess DHT and increased scalp sensitivity to DHT
  • Poor circulation to the scalp
  • Reduced liver efficiency
  • Lack of key nutrients needed for building hair and prolonging hair growth
  • Dealing with stress badly
  • Improper hair care

So what did I do? I reversed all of these problems. Then I found a way to re-activate dormant hair follicles and increase overall hair growth.

Hormonal imbalance: the primary underlying cause of hair loss

Why are men more likely to lose their hair? Because of changes in hormonal balance. Why do women tend to lose hair after pregnancy? Because of changes in hormonal balance. Why does stress cause hair loss? Because of hormonal surges and changes in hormonal balance (partly). What is the commonality between hair loss sufferers? Hormonal fluctuation and hormonal imbalance. Understanding how hormones cause hair loss is the key to stopping it.

How hair loss medications work

Hair loss medications work by altering your hormonal balance and reducing DHT levels. Unfortunately there are some pretty nasty (sex related) side effects. But did you know that you can restore your body’s hormonal balance naturally, by following the instructions in my eBook?
But you’ll need to do more than that to grow your hair back. By following the step by step instructions in my eBook you will also:

  • Turbo charge circulation to your scalp
  • Unblock your scalps pores
  • Re-activate dormant hair follicles
  • Feed your hair with some key nutrients
  • Improve your livers efficiency
  • Improve your body’s nutrient absorption rate
  • Become a calm and relaxed person in stressful situations using the audio programme
  • Learn how to boost hair growth by changing the way you care for your hair

This is a step by step process. You don’t need to read the whole book to start applying the instructions. You can apply the instructions a chunk at a time. With each step you complete, you eliminate an underlying cause of hair loss, take that cause, reverse it and use it to stimulate hair growth.
Here’s an example:
One of the steps is dedicated to boosting blood flow to the scalp. Here’s what you do:

  1. Eliminate the underlying cause of poor circulation to the extremities.
  2. Poor circulation is no-longer a cause of your hair loss.
  3. Then you increase blood flow to the scalp to above average levels.
  4. Now you’re stimulating additional hair growth.

So you’re taking a cause of hair loss and turning it into something that actually stimulates hair growth. The same principle applies in each of the other steps.

Will this actually work?

I tried curing my hair loss with many different types of treatment for years and I never got satisfactory results. But I never gave up. I spent over three years researching every underlying cause of hair loss in detail and how they can be overcome. Believe me when I say this book has taken years of my life. Co-writing it was a massive task that took extensive research and then painstaking care putting something together that could be used by anyone to achieve the same results that I have achieved. If you follow this method you WILL stop your hair loss. We’ve covered every base as thoroughly as possible and made it as clear and easy to follow as possible.

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Anyone who downloads the full version of the hair loss eBook will also get access to contact the authors, if you need help completing any of the procedures outlined in the eBook.

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