My Story - How to Stop Hair Loss

My Story

What I did My initial reaction was to search Google to find a hair loss treatment. Over the following year and a half I tried a few different topical treatments and some natural supplements. But the hair loss continued slowly but surely. I was observing it every day now, almost with obsession. So I started doing some research. Firstly I researched all the available treatments. I found out about ‘DHT blockers’, topical creams, laser combs, magnetic therapy and every other hair loss treatment available. I tried Minoxidil, natural DHT blocker supplements, natural hair loss supplements, Fabao 101d and I even bought a few hair loss eBooks with the hope of finding a solution. But I was disappointed. Nothing seemed to provide PROFOUND RESULTS. I was looking for something that had a little more impact: something that really dealt with the causes of hair loss in a powerful way.

Getting to the root of hair loss

I thought, if I could understand exactly what causes hair loss: why some people suffer hair loss while others don’t; I could stop my hair loss at the source. I had learned about ‘root cause analysis’ some years ago, while at university. I used this method of properly understanding a problem to try to understand my hair loss problem properly: by determining the true ‘root causes’ of hair loss. I established the direct causes of hair loss. Then I asked, “what is causing these to occur, in some people but not in others?” I examined the habits, regimes, skin types, hair types, personalities, diets and lifestyles of every hair loss sufferer I came across and every person with thick healthy hair that I came across. I was trying to find the crucial common factors between these groups of people.

My personal story of stress

During this period of over two years I was also regularly experiencing high levels of anxiety and nervous stress. In fact it was bordering on a disorder. I was able to examine and analyse my seemingly irrational yet all too real physical symptoms: the ways in which stress effected my physical body. It seemed as though my life was falling apart, both in terms of physical health and in the way I felt. Yet at the same time I was starting to understand why it was happening.

The clues started coming together

One day I was sitting in my home doing my usual hours of daily research into stress and hair loss, when I realized something amazing. In the previous weeks I had been closely observing my skins oil levels. I had noticed a correlation between high levels of anxiety and increased skin oil levels and I had been studying the relationship for a while. I had noticed that I wasn’t looking particularly healthy. I was pale, I had quite greasy skin and my hair was getting thin. I was a mess. I had also noticed my scalp was very shiny, even directly after vigorously washing my hair and scalp. I had been researching ‘sebum’ (skin oil) levels, the liver (and how it processes hormones and fats), stress (and how it effects the body) and how DHT is produced by the body. By this time I had accumulated a massive amount of knowledge, not only of the direct causes of hair loss – but more importantly, what causes them. Suddenly my mind connected all the pieces of the puzzle. I realized a crucial commonality between men with elevated levels of testosterone, highly intelligent people, post-partum women, people who experience nervous or anxious stress and people with a crucial lacking element in their diet. My root cause analysis led me to six key areas: the scalp, stress, hormones, diet, circulation and the liver. The liver processes hormones and fats among other things. Stress causes hormonal surges, nutrient depletion and weakening of the circulation. Diet can have an impact on hair loss but only in so far as it has an effect on the underlying causes of hair loss. The scalp is one of the main areas effected by a combination of underlying factors and thus hair loss is a visible symptom of a number of underlying problems. The key to stopping hair loss is not to treat the hair loss directly, every day for the rest of your life, but to eliminate the underlying causes one by one, once and for all. This is a far better approach because once the underlying causes of hair loss are eliminated the direct causes disappear naturally. Furthermore this will have a profoundly beneficial impact on your overall health and overall rate of aging.

The underlying and direct causes of hair loss

I researched each of the causes of hair loss to find more and more causes, each connected in some way. This is a simplified illustration of my initial findings (click to enlarge): Hair loss causes I knew what I had to do to stop hair loss. Instead of treating the direct causes every day for the rest of my life I would eliminate the root causes (the ultimate underlying causes). Over the following two years I read hundreds of books and discovered some incredible secrets that would allow me to:
  • Clear my scalps pores allowing trapped hairs to emerge
  • Re-activate dormant hair follicles in my scalp
  • Reduce DHT to unproblematic levels
  • Turbo charge my scalps blood flow
I also learned about some key foods that, when consumed in a specific combination, feed your hair, skin and nails like crazy. My hair started growing rapidly. My skin started to glow and lost it’s greasiness. I started to feel better and I would say that my hair is now at about 80% of it’s original thickness and it’s still getting thicker. When it was at it’s worst my hair was about 40% of it’s original thickness! Believe me it has made a major difference:
  • My hair loss has totally stopped
  • My hair is getting thicker day by day
  • My hair is shiny, vibrant and in GREAT CONDITION — the best it’s been in years
My past hair loss is now completely unnoticeable. I can confidently walk under strong lights (in offices, shops, bars etc) knowing that my scalp is not visible through my hair. For me there were three major causes of my hair loss:

1. Badly blocked scalp pores

My scalp was very shiny. The pores were densely clogged with a thick layer of ‘sebum based plaque’ – you’ll learn all about this in the eBook (and why it’s vitally important to remove this plaque). Shampooing did nothing to remove this shiny layer. I became obsessed with finding something that worked – a solution to this awful problem. Once I found the solution (a method I developed that completely removes the plaque), the trapped hairs could finally start growing again. However some of the hair follicles had become dormant. So I developed a way to reactivate the dormant hair follicles by feeding them in a special way and aggravating their surroundings, thereby encouraging the body to concentrate blood flow and cell growth activity in the scalp area. The result? It’s like your scalp is born and again, full of life and able to grow hair like it did years ago, free of restriction.

2. DHT

DHT is a by-product of testosterone. It kills hair follicles and is considered the primary cause of male pattern baldness. I believe that DHT was a major contributor to my hair loss and was something I had to deal with in the eBook. Fortunately I now know of a simple way to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT, thereby solving the DHT problem. Not only does this method reduce DHT to safe levels, it’s also really good for your health in other ways. It’s easy, cheap and takes less than five minutes of your day up.

3. Stress

For me, stress was the primary underlying cause of my personal hair loss problem. Stress has such a dramatic effect on your health. It’s amazing how my physical appearance has really changed since I found a way to change the way I deal with stress. Now that I’m a calm and relaxed person I look and feel a lot better and I’ve eliminated stress related hair loss. With the eBook you get 8 audio files, that train your mind to be calm and relaxed under pressure. I developed these files and had them professionally recorded. If stress is an issue for you, you’ll be happily surprised by one of the free bonuses you get in the members area. There were a few other factors that were very likely causing my hair loss that I decided to deal with:

Poor circulation to the scalp

This is considered in the hair loss industry to be a major cause of hair loss. I discovered a way of improving the body’s overall circulation by completing a safe simple procedure at home. I also learned about several techniques you can use daily to turbo charge your circulation. These are simple easy techniques that are NOT A HASSLE TO PERFORM. For example, one just involves changing the way you shower to massively boost your circulation every morning.

Not getting the right nutrients

I had been quite obsessed with supplements for a while. Eventually I came to the realization that supplement capsules are basically a waste of time. You’ll learn why in the eBook. There are only three ‘super foods’ you need to add to your diet – and they have an amazing impact on your health. These are whole foods, not pills or capsules. Once I had fully developed and refined my nutritional regime, with the help of a nutritionist friend who works in my local health food shop, I watched as my fingernails and hair started to grow like crazy. My skin became softer and gained a healthy glow. And my mood stabilized due to the hormonal balancing effect one of the super foods has. I have developed an amazing nutritional program that provides your body with exactly the right foods it needs to build new hair and prolong the hairs growth phase. It’s a simple program designed for busy people who aren’t perfect when it comes to eating healthy food. There are several other major things I’ve included in the eBook. Two of which are:
  • How to improve the strength of your liver, and
  • How to balance your hormones by building up ‘prostaglandin’ numbers
These two issues are very important and are well covered in the eBook.

The six step program

To me, what I had achieved was amazing. The success of my strategy, expressed in a realistic six step methodology, was the fruition of my years of hard work. Over the two years that followed my initial research period I wrote and re-wrote what is now called Stop Hair Loss in Six Steps, Guaranteed, with a little help from a friend who is a nutritionist and another (now) friend who is a herbalist.

My six step process is now available for instant download

You’ll learn everything you need to know to stop hair loss in this eBook, and a lot more that’s well worth knowing. My life was pretty rubbish for five years, while I was stressed, unhealthy and going bald. But I got through it and learned a lot on the way. You don’t have to go through that. You can buy what I spent hundreds of hours of painstaking work creating, for £39.99 £19.99. With the eBook you get eight audio programs, which you can also download instantly:
  • Eliminate Stress: Theta wave: Helps you calmly learn
  • Eliminate Stress: Alpha Wave: Helps you stay relaxed and focused
  • Eliminate Stress: Delta wave: Helps you sleep
  • Eliminate Stress: Silent subliminal
  • Stop Hair Loss & Re-grow hair: Theta wave: Helps you calmly learn
  • Stop Hair Loss & Re-grow hair: Alpha Wave: Helps you stay relaxed and focused
  • Stop Hair Loss & Re-grow hair: Helps you sleep
  • Stop Hair Loss & Re-grow hair: Silent subliminal
When you download the hair loss eBook you also get free lifetime access to the members area, where you can download the free 8 part mind training audio program, which is designed to make you react calmly to stressful situations and future worries. This will help alleviate stress related hair loss — one of the most common causes of hair loss.

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