MyNaturalSistas - How to Stop Hair Loss


The MyNaturalSistas channel is run by a group of three sisters: Carmen, India, and Toni. The girls’ channel focuses around four different aspects of hairstyles and haircare, beauty, general healthcare and lifestyle videos, and videos that talk about their culture. The MyNaturalSistas girls have been a part of the YouTube community since December 2009. Since they joined the community, they have managed to gain over 570,000 channel subscribers and nearly 40,000,000 video views. The channel is run by three sisters and they upload regular videos on how you can achieve your fitness goals and continue to improve your health by maintaining a healthy and balanced life, as well as general beauty tutorials and tips that can help you improve your image. As if that wasn’t enough, they promote transitioning to a vegan diet to improve not only your health, but the health of your hair. In their most viewed YouTube video, they show their viewers how they are able to straighten their hair naturally without the use of heat. While the tutorial takes some time, it is definitely worth it due to not having the risk of causing heat damage upon your hair. ]]>