Natural Alternatives to Gel to Achieve a Wet Look and Make Hair Healthier -

Natural Alternatives to Gel to Achieve a Wet Look and Make Hair Healthier

Hi I want to give wet look to my hair without using gel because I have noticed that whenever I use gel my hair falls out. Please tell me the alternative way to give wet look to my hair

If you are experiencing hair loss it is more likely to be due to DHT, stress, diet or hormonal imbalance than due to hair gel use — and you’re actually just noticing the hair loss more when you use gel. I recommend reading more about how to stop hair loss by reading these articles:

If you’re worried about the hair gel use, you could switch to a better quality hair gel. These organic hair gels and waxes are all good ones to try. The Green People gels, the Dr Bonners conditioning styling cream, the Intelligent Nutrients styling gel, the John Masters styling gel and the Jason Salon styling gel are the ones you can use for a wet look.

Make your own Natural Hair Styling Serum

The only alternatives to gel for achieving a wet look would be using a mixture of natural oils, such as almond, coconut and lavender. If you go down this root, pick some pure organic oils and create your own wet look styling serum. Coconut oil is the best for the hair but it doesn’t smell great (it smells quite fatty, rather than subtly coconutty).
If you want to create your own natural hair styling serum I would suggest using the following oils:

  • Around 60% castor oil (this is almost scentless and has been shown to promote hair gfrowth in several studies)
  • Around 10% borage oil (this is really good for the hair)
  • Around 20% lavender oil or almond oil (nice scent and good for the hair)
  • Around 10% jojoba oil (great for the hair)

Coconut oil would be a good oil to use but it goes hard in colder temperatures so you might find it difficult to mix with the other oils.
You could also try using (instead of the lavender):

The above are also good for the hair — you could choose whichever you prefer the smell of.