New Research Further Confirms My Method's Scientific Validity -

New Research Further Confirms My Method's Scientific Validity

During a recent study on mice, scientists found that by inhibiting a stress hormone they were able to reduce hair loss. Mice were injected with a drug that suppresses the stress hormone. As a result the mice regrew lost hair.
More information on that study can be found here.
A large section of my ebook is dedicated to changing the way you deal with stress in order to stop hair loss and improve overall health. If you buy my ebook you get access to my free audio mind training program, which is designed to subconsciously train your mind to react more calmly in stressful situations.
The study results are great news for anyone following my method. Although the drug they used on the mice is not available to the public, using my method you can achieve similar results without having to use drugs for the rest of your life.
There are several key factors that we have identified that must be addressed if you want to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. These are:

  • Keeping DHT levels in the scalp low
  • Keeping the scalp in excellent condition
  • Keeping the pores in the scalp clear
  • Staying calm and relaxed in stressful situations
  • Having good blood circulation in the scalp
  • Having a healthy liver
  • Feeding your hair with the nutrients it needs to grow
  • All of these factors are strongly interconnected. For example, if you suffer from elevated stress levels on a day to day basis it can effect you liver, your scalp, DHT levels in the scalp, blood circulation in the scalp and nutrient supply to the hair.
    So for those of us whose hair loss is caused by stress (a great many people), the stress may in fact be the root cause of the hair loss. Spending money treating DHT with DHT blockers and poor circulation with Minoxidil may be a waste of time; because until you eliminate the underlying cause you will only be fighting a never ending battle with the side-effects of the root cause.
    To learn how to properly eliminate the underlying causes of hair loss, download my ebook today and get your free mind training program.