New Treatment May Mean a Baldness Cure is in Reach -

New Treatment May Mean a Baldness Cure is in Reach

Although in early stages and has only been tested on mice, researchers believe that a cure for baldness may be a possibility in the near future and the results are appearing to be promising. The method is seemingly simple, while the underlying science is actually quite complex.
The cells are removed from the patients head, treated, them injected back into their head.
This is the first time that researchers have found a real possible cure using this type of method.
Previous methods have dealt with taking hair follicles from the back of the head and inserting them on the top of the head, while not actually creating new cells. This is the first method which has actually consisted of creating new cells.
The cells are taken, carefully treated in a petri dish, and reinserted into the scalp.
The only current issue with this is getting approval to perform such a procedure will take a while, considering that research funding is at an all time low.