Niacin for hair growth: How this amazing, cheap supplement stimulates hair growth - How to Stop Hair Loss

Niacin for hair growth: How this amazing, cheap supplement stimulates hair growth

Good day, beunos dias, namaste… hello! Wherever you are in the world today, I hope you’re having a good day and making the most of every moment, whenever you can. Today I’d like to talk about a very special B vitamin, that no one ever mentions or even thinks about. It’s called “nicotinic acid”, or niacin. Why, you might ask, is this simple B vitamin so special? Let me tell you precisely why… This technique is so simple and easy; yet so effective. All you have to do is drink a fruit smoothie first thing in the morning (when you have an empty stomach). Then take a niacin supplement (available readily on the web).

The trick is what we put in the smoothie…

Hair keratin is made up mostly of “amino acids“. Through my research I know exactly which amino acids and in what quantities. The body turns amino acids into hair keratin through a process of “keratinization”, which occurs in the scalp. It needs certain nutrients, such as biotin, to do this. So…. I’ve meticulously developed a special hair growth smoothie, which contains all the amino acids and supporting hair growth nutrients in just the right combination. These nutrients are speedily absorbed into the blood stream. Then the niacin goes to work. It causes your blood to flush to your skin.

Why do we want this?

You’ve just added the perfect mix of hair growth nutrients to your blood stream and now we’re sending it straight to your hair, where it goes to work nourishing your hair and scalp. Using the scalp brushing technique and a simple yoga move, you can accelerate the rate of blood flow to your scalp, delivery a huge dose of keratin building nutrients to your hair, EVERY MORNING. Incidentally, these ingredients will feed the hair in your scalp, but they won’t in any way effect hair growth anywhere else on your body. In fact they will go to work improving the health of your skin, which is why members report glowing skin as a side effect of the program. Start drinking my special hair growth smoothie every morning along with half a niacin supplement and I guarantee you’ll start seeing new hair growth within two months. Click here to start my program]]>