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Old Photos of a Young Woody Harrelson With Hair

Have you ever seen what Woody Harrelson looked like with hair? No? Well then, let’s take a look…

Woody Harrelson only had hair as an adult for a few years, but during that time he was an actor so there are pictures of his old hairstyles.

Here’s one of the older pictures of a young Woody Harrelson with long blonde hair:

woody harrelson young with long blonde hair

Later, as his hair started to recede and thin he had it cut shorter:

woody harrelson young with short blonde hair

As he aged his hair receded and thinned fairly quickly:

woody harrelson with short blonde hair

Why did Woody Harrelson lose his hair so young?

Generally speaking I have a simple rule when it comes to premature hair loss:

If a man has very thick beard hair he is more likely to lose his scalp hair young. This is because beard hair and hair loss are both caused by the hormone DHT.

But wait a sec, Woody doesn’t seem to have a thick beard at all.

So what’s going on here?

In genetics there is always a range of outcomes per any genetic configuration. The vast majority of men comform to the statisitcal pattern — if they have a lot of testosterone and stress they will lose their hair young.

However, there are always statistical outliers in every data set.

In the case of Woody, I’d have to say he’s an outlier/anomoly. He has very little facial hair, which would indicate lower testosterone levels and yet he lost his hair quite young.

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I could be completely wrong however, because there are several possible causes of hair loss and it can be very difficult to diagnose the true root cause.

Although I hate to say “genetics” is the cause, in this one case, that’s what my gut instinct is telling me.