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Patry Jordan

Patry best hair tutorials on Youtube
Patry’s channel is focused entirely on hairstyles and ways to take care of your hair. The videos that she uploads range from simple hairstyle tutorials to hair cutting methods. Patry also uploads a variety of informational videos based on her own experiences, from tips to getting your hair more voluminous.
Patry has been a part of the YouTube community since the November 2012, and since she has joined the community she has managed to gain over 300,000 channel subscribers along with reaching well over 26,000,000 video views!
While she uploads regular hair based videos to her English YouTube channel, given that she is Spanish, Patry has a variety of other channels where she uploads hair tutorials in Spanish, lifestyle videos, and even has a channel for tips on working out.
In her most viewed YouTube video, Patry provides short tutorials on some of the best and simplest hairstyles for people with short hair. In the video, she gives detailed step by step instructions in order for her viewers to easily follow, and provides a total of 3 incredibly simple hairstyles.