Pixiwoo - nicehair.org: How to Stop Hair Loss


On YouTube their known to their viewers as Pixiwoo, although in real life their friends and family know them as Sam and Nic. The Pixiwoo channel focuses on a few different aspects of the beauty scene, although their main focus is discussing the best makeup for you and different tutorials on how to apply makeup. Since they first joined the YouTube community, Pixiwoo have managed to reach over 2,000,000 channel subscribers while also gaining a massive 260,000,000 video views! Sam and Nic provide a variety of makeup tutorials for girls, and on the rare occasion they upload a video on makeup for men. They regularly upload videos including makeup application methods that go with costumes and even makeup application methods that allow for you their viewers to look like certain celebrities (such as Kim Kardashian!). In their most viewed YouTube video, they show their viewers how they can apply their makeup in order to look ‘drag’. During this video, Nic shows her viewers the method while applying the makeup to herself, ensuring that the viewers are able to easily recreate the drag look on themselves.]]>