Propecia (Finasteride) Reviews, Before and Afters and Warning -

Propecia (Finasteride) Reviews, Before and Afters and Warning

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Last updated: Dec 11, 2019

What it is


Propecia is the first-ever prescription pill which has been approved by the FDA for treating hair loss problems. This hair loss drug has been clinically proven to not only re-stimulate hair growth on the top of your head, but the top and sides of your head too. Unfortunately, this pill can come with a few side effects (such as depression and sex-drive related issues)

How it works

The pill contains DHT blockers which limit the production of DHT in your body and therefore allows for your hair follicles to be stimulated for regrowth once again.


  • Includes DHT blockers to prevent testosterone from converting to DHT
  • FDA approved
  • Has been clinically tested for human use
  • Allows for regrowth across the whole scalp, rather than just the top