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What are the pros and cons of hair extensions?

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Last updated: Feb 19, 2020

Hair extensions have become a common beauty accessory that millions of men and women use to improve the way their hair looks. It’s a straightforward process that allows people to choose what type of hair they will be wearing and it can be an excellent way to improve thinning or short hair. But as it goes with every beauty industry procedure, there are pros and cons depending on the type of extensions you opt for.

The Advantages of Hair Extensions

Flowing movie star-like shiny hair has always been just a mere fantasy for those unlucky to have thin and brittle hair, but hair extensions can help create an impressive look without being a Hollywood star. Hair extensions allow for an instant boost in confidence and they are easy to style, allowing anyone to create even the most intricate looks.

Change the whole appearance of your hair

Dramatically change appearance with hair extensions
The most important aspect of hair extensions is not just the fact that they add incredible volume to your hair, but they can also add length and help change your whole figure; if you have thin hair with no volume at all and have been wearing that look all your life, the change can be quite dramatic.

Really easy to make a dramatic change to your hair

Bright color hair extensions
Ever wanted to do something dramatic to your hair but didn’t want to go through extremes to get it? Many types of hair extensions are quite uncomplicated and easy to attach to your hair. Even more, with the help of hair extensions you don’t need to dye your natural hair if you want to add a bit of colour; all you need is to attach colourful hair extensions and that’s it.

Cheap and quick

Hair extensions are relatively cheap if you buy the non-premium ones so it is an easy and affordable way to improve your look in a short amount of time. However, the price can become a disadvantage with some types of hair extensions so it really depends on the type of hair they are made from.

Create a different look every day

Different looks using hair extensions
The flexibility when it comes to creating new hair styles is what makes hair extensions so popular. Those who don’t have a very long hair are in the amount of styles they can shape their hair in but with hair extensions, they can create a different look every day.

Easy to use

When it comes to cleaning and home maintenance, hair extensions instructions are pretty straight forward: people can wash their hair normally and it will look amazing as long as they take care not to damage the bonds or the weaves. This allows for easy maintenance at home different from when a person has to maintain their natural long hair, which requires a wide array of products to nourish and repair it in the long run.

Disadvantages of hair extensions

The best can be quite expensive

Virgin hair extensions
Price can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. When it comes to virgin hair or a high grade of hair extensions the price can go up to thousands of dollars just for the hair itself, not to mention applying the extensions or maintaining them.

More complex hair extensions require professional application

Professional hair extensions being applied
For those who want a quick fix, there are clip-on hair extensions but otherwise they will need a professional to apply them properly. This means that you have to find someone reliable and experienced when it comes to applying the extensions as you wouldn’t want an amateur to damage your hair and the extensions themselves. This also applies to removing them as this can be an intricate procedure, especially for the woven in hair extensions.

If improperly applied, hairs can be pulled and damage can be caused

With some types of hair extensions, such as the ones that are weaved in, you might feel a bit of pain during the procedure and afterwards. This is due to the fact that their weight pulls the hair down and that puts pressure on the scalp. Some women even report headaches in the first few days after adding hair extensions.
Hair extensions may cause hair damage especially since the procedure includes thermal heat, glue and braiding the hair. All these application methods can burn, break and pull the hair so make sure that you find someone who knows what they are doing and never try to add them yourself. Even with a specialist, your hair may still have some damage after applying the hair extensions. Prolonged use of hair extensions may even lead to bald sports which appear due to a condition called traction alopecia.

May lead to addiction!

Addiction to hair extension might also be a disadvantage and this is largely because hair extensions create such a dramatic change of look and require a great amount of time and effort that taking them down doesn’t seem like a viable option. Once the hair starts thinning after prolonged use, people may continue using them just to hide the new, damaged state of their hair.


So there you have it. Now it’s up to you. If you’ve never used hair extensions, I suggest you check out the different types first. Maybe go for something easy, or else go to a salon and get a professional to put them in.