How to put in hair extensions -

How to put in hair extensions

The market for hair extensions is huge and they are such a popular beauty product that their affordability and availability has increased to accommodate even those who don’t want to opt for a hair salon. Nowadays, you can simply buy hair extensions from your local market and add them to your hair at home, without any other cost or hassle.
Since most hair extensions require a specialist to either weave the hair this guide will only give instructions for the glue in hair extensions, fusion extensions and the clip-ons.

Glue In Hair Extensions

Glue in hair extensions
Before starting this process you should make sure that you have someone around to guide you as it can be extremely difficult to do this on your own. First you need to purchase the bonding glue either from a hair care store or from the internet and, of course, your hair extensions. It’s up to your budget and your preference if you want natural hair extensions or synthetic ones, but if this is the first time you are applying hair extensions perhaps a cheaper option would be better. However, you have to take into consideration that natural hair extensions require a lot more maintenance but you can style them however you want, while synthetic hair extensions will maintain the style that was set in the package. Always make sure that the extensions are similar to your natural hair because you want them to blend in your colour.
The first step is to comb the extensions lightly; make sure that you are not pulling them too much because you can damage the hair. Your hair needs to be dry, very clean and well combed to make sure that the extensions fall naturally and blend well. Before you begin applying your extensions you should wear something that is easy to take off without touching your hair.
Next, you should comb your hair to create a part in it next to the nape of your neck; make sure that you leave enough hair to hang below your part. Pin up the upper part of the hair and keep it that way for the rest of the process.
Before actually applying the hair extensions you should measure them well and make sure that they are the desired length and lay the extensions with the strip side up. Apply a thin line of glue across the whole strip and wait for a couple of seconds so that the glue becomes a bit tacky. This is basically the same principle as with false eyelashes; you have to dry the glue a bit so that they don’t fall off right as you apply them. After applying them you will have to use the blow dryer for a few seconds to make sure that you dry the glue properly. You should continue in the same manner on the upper part of your scalp until you have achieved the look you were going for.

Clip On Hair Extensions

Irresistably Me Clip in hair extensions for fine hair
Clip On hair extensions follow the same principle but they are much easier to apply. However, they might need reapplying during the day if they fall off or change their position. Just as with glued in hair extensions, you should make sure that they match your hair colour and are of desired length.
To apply them divide your hair into sections across your scalp starting from the nape of your neck. Continue letting down more hair as you clip on the hair extensions to one area until you have achieved the desired look.

Fusion Extensions

Fusion hair extensions
Fusion extensions shouldn’t be applied on your own and it is advisable to seek the help of a professional because they require some special tools to be properly applied. You will need to have a fusion hair extension iron which is basically a hot iron with thin curved tips that are applied on the fusion hair extensions to melt them into your natural hair.

You start by washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo to make sure that there is no residue or oil that will keep your extensions from sticking. Make sure that you don’t use any other hair products than shampoo, not even conditioner because you don’t want to add anything into your hair. Before starting the extension application process make sure that the hair is perfectly dry.
You will need to make a divider for each of the fusion strands; this can be a cut out carton circle with a cut on one side of its centre and an enlarged central hole through which sufficient hair can fit. This is done to protect the scalp from the heat during the whole process.
Before you start the application process, divide your hair just as you would do with other hair extension methods, starting from the nape of the neck. Make sure that you put enough hair in the carton circle to support the fusion extension you are applying. Basically, it should be the same amount.
Attach the strand of hair to your own hair and use the hot iron tool to fuse them together. Repeat the same procedure with as many strands of hair as you want until you achieve the desired effect. After you are finished lightly brush your hair to make sure that it blends with the extensions.