Some questions and answers about my program - How to Stop Hair Loss

Some questions and answers about my program

1) Will your hair loss reversal methods work for someone with decades of hair loss? Or is it something that will only benefit people with hair loss or 5-10 years? Do you have testimonials, including before and after photos from such persons? See through vellus dormant hair follicles The answer is yes. But test for yourself by checking your scalp as closely as possible in a mirror under a strong light. If you can see very small see-through hairs on your scalp, then it is possible to regrow them, through the reactivation of vellus hairs. You can learn more about this here (scroll down to “You weren’t ever really bald“). Check out the website for testimonials and before and after pics.

2) Do you recommended those currently using minoxidil to stop “cold turkey” and replace it with your daily regimen (hair tonic); or should they fade out minoxidil gradually? I’ve heard abruptly stopping minoxidil can cause serious shedding which is an obvious concern.
I recommend weening yourself off minox gradually, like this:
  1. Use minox in the morning after scalp brushing
  2. Go about your day
  3. Come home from work
  4. Use Minox after scalp brushing
  5. Before bed, use the Hair Growth Tonic in conjunction with the Alternation Method.
Gradually take out the after work Minox from your regime. Keep the scalp brushing. You might like to replace the after work minox with a galea muscle exercise or one of the other scalp circulation improvement techniques. When you’ve finished your supply of Minoxidil, stop using it in the morning. Step one of the eBook shows you how to use a vastly superior method for increasing nutrient supply to the hair, using niacin. In my experience, the Hair Growth Tonic is better than Minox. It’s based on some really good research on IGF-1, Melatonin (the world’s strongest antioxidant and Ginkgo Biloba). This was a big breakthrough — particularly because of the way in which it’s administered (as part of the Alternation Method). 2) You’ve been selling an ebook on hair loss for years now, apparently, and I was wondering if this download includes this older information plus the newer information on IGF-1, capsaicin and melatonin. Yes. Since 2008. In 2008 I developed The Alternation Method, which was groundbreaking at the time. The new instructions (released around 3 weeks ago) are markedly better — particularly due to the addition of the IGF-1 treatment (included in this latest edition), which has tremendous amounts of evidence pertaining to impressive results. This is the new and most recent groundbreaking discovery — and I think the best yet. Of course all these discoveries are based on research from lab work. So it goes through hundreds of people and testing before getting to me. I’ve refined the other techniques since 2008. I’ve still included the scalp skin reset, the hormonal balancing, the circulation improvement, DHT reduction and DHT removal from the scalp and the stress reduction — with new improved audio files. 3) Are all the materials needed for implementing your regime readily available through local health stores or Amazon; or do any require a doctor’s prescription? I would never recommend anything that requires a prescription. The required items consist entirely of natural, healthy products. One of the main points of my program is to make your scalp and your entire body as healthy as possible — and to eliminate the negative factors that cause the hair loss. I show you how to do that using natural products you can buy online or in health stores. 4) I was wondering if you had more before and after photos of yourself (and other successful customers) that included total headshots. I’m sorry for my skepticism, but the photos you have posted on your website of yourself (and a male customer) don’t instill me with much confidence when they obscure the persons’ identity. While I’m not implying you’re resorting to such trickery here, I’ve seen other hair loss websites use various photographically deceptive methods (intentionally obscuring faces, variations in lighting, different hairstyling) in their before and after photos to sway potential customers into buying their products. Unfortunately, the hair loss industry is fraught with people playing on the insecurities and desperations of their target audience, and I’m tired of being a victim. Consequently, I hope you can understand my line of questioning. I completely understand. And thank you so much for the feedback. This is something I probably haven’t made clear enough on the website. Here’s a before picture when my hair was at it’s worst: Before And here’s my after picture with me holding the before picture: Chris Carter before and after hair loss If you have any questions about the program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. ]]>