Roman Kemp Hair Loss: Is He Losing His Hair? -

Roman Kemp Hair Loss: Is He Losing His Hair?

Roman Kemp, the son of famous popstar Ross Kemp from Spandau Ballet has experienced fairly aggressive hair loss throughout his twenties and has been hiding it and treating it relatively successsfully.

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Last updated: Mar 7, 2024

Roman Kemp is now in his thirties and has successfully managed to prevent having to shave his hair off completely by using Minoxidil and other treatments. However, it’s almost impossible to prevent and reverse the hair loss in the temple and front-sides of your head using Minoxidil and as a result you can see a big difference between a young Roman and today’s Roman:


When Roman was young he had extremely thick hair. Westerners have the thickest hair of all races, but also suffer among the most hair loss — this is possibly due to stress, as the Far Eastern people are no purportedly catching up to us as they have transitioned to urban living.

As Roman aged his hair receded and thinned:


You can see that as he’s aged his hair line has gone back. This is quite a normal progression. He’s done the classic ‘brush all your hair forward and make it look big’ technique to hide the frontal hair loss as much as possible.

Roman has had very similar loss to me. I too had very very thick light brown hair as a child and then experienced fairly rapid hair loss in my twenties, which I had to prevent using every hair loss treatment under the sun.

Which hair loss treatments does he use?

Roman Kemp is almost certainly using 5% Minoxidil and supplements. I doubt he’s using Finasteride. I noticed there is a before and after picture of him showing he’s been weight training and losing fat, which is harder to do when you’re taking Finasteride. It’s more likely he’s just managing the hair loss with Minoxidil and supplements. He’s probably got a yearly subscription from Harley Street.

Roman Kemp’s mental health issues

Roman Kemp has been open about his struggles with mental health, particularly in the context of his documentary series titled “Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency.” The documentary, which aired in 2020, delves into the topic of mental health and aims to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and encourage open conversations around the subject.

In the documentary, Roman Kemp candidly discusses his personal experiences with mental health challenges, including issues such as depression and suicidal thoughts. By sharing his own journey, Kemp aimed to connect with others who may be facing similar struggles and to emphasize the importance of seeking help and support.

Roman Kemp’s decision to speak out about mental health is part of a broader movement within the entertainment industry and beyond to destigmatize mental health issues and promote a more open and supportive dialogue. His advocacy work has contributed to increasing awareness and understanding of mental health challenges, especially among his audience and fans.

Good for him for doing this, I think it’s important work.

Can mental health issues relate to hair loss?

For a long time I’ve suspected that anxiety in particular can cause hair loss. Anxiety is caused by stress hormones (complexly interlinked with sensory inputs and memories). Stress hormones seem to play a role in inflammation and reduced skin and hair health. One of the best things you can do to reduce hair loss is get your stress hormones under control. To do this I use a special audio that deeply relaxes your body and mind in minutes. I recommend doing this throughout the day to stay calm and prevent stress hormone levels from building up.

You can download my audios and my method for reversing hair loss for free here:

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