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RT1640 for Hair Loss: Research, Results and How it Works

RT1640 is a topical treatment for hair loss, which contains three active ingredients: cyclosporine A, Minoxidil and a ‘new chemical entity’ called RT175, which is a mixture of chemicals created by Rivertown Therapeutics Inc, the creators of RT1640.
So the big question of course is, what is RT175?!

Unfortunately, Rivertown Therapeutics has published no information on the mystery mixture: no test results, no explanation of how it works or any indication of the chemicals used to make it. So we’re still in the dark at this time as to how that component of the treatment works. However, there are published studies on the two other active ingredients:
Since most of you will likely already know about Minoxidil, I’ll focus on Cyclosporine A:

Cyclosporine A

Cyclosporin A is an immunosuppressant that inhibits T cell activation by interfering with the production of interleukin-2. Results using topical application of Cyclosporin A seem promising in a small portion of people tested, so it may be that this immunosuppressant is successful in treating one specific cause of hair loss:

For 4 months in a double-blind study, 10 subjects were treated with cyclosporine and three were treated with olive oil. Hair growth was evaluated by photographs and hair counts. Significant hair growth was observed in two of the eight patients who completed the study. In one the hair growth was cosmetically satisfactory. No systemic or cutaneous side effects were noted.
Topical cyclosporine in male pattern alopecia