Sadora Paris

Sadora Paris

Sadora Paris

To her YouTube fans she is known as Sadora Paris, however to her friends and family she is known as Wendy!

Wendy’s channel focuses mainly on hairstyles and haircare although she also does a number of videos on skincare. On top of her haircare and skincare videos, she provides her viewers with a list of the products that she uses so that they are able to see what works for her.

Since Wendy first joined the YouTube community in January, 2013, she has managed to reach over 135,000 subscribers while also gaining over 6,400,000 video views.

On Wendy’s channel, she does more than just hairstyle videos. She provides her viewers with an insight on how she specifically cares for her hair by providing details about the products that she uses as well as doing the same with her skincare videos.

In her most viewed YouTube video Wendy gives an in depth tutorial on how her viewers are able to style their hair in a Senegalese Twists style. Given that this can be a fairly difficult hairstyle to do properly, her method allows for it to be done in just a matter of minutes making it just as efficient as any other method.

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