Samumed SM04554 for hair loss -

Samumed SM04554 for hair loss

Samumed SM04554 looks to be an extremely promising topical hair loss treatment, targeting the the Wnt pathway.

the one that was tested with SM04554 showed almost 10% increase in the hair density

Still, in the experimental phase, Samumed is a small-molecule component that boosts hair growth. Also known as SM04554, it is a topical solution that initiates hair growth through the Wnt pathway. Samumed successfully completed its phase 2 testing during March 2016 and presented its results to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). People showed a mixed response to the results of phase 2 testing, but the most important thing is that hair did grow during the phase.
The phase 2 testing was conducted on different groups and the one that was tested with SM04554 showed almost 10% increase in the hair density which is quite promising. After Samumed got encouraging results from testing, the team conducted a detailed biopsy of the scalp so that the complete action could be understood. The initial research showed that the patients using this treatment didn’t get any sort of dose response. In simple words, a larger dose of the treatment does not lead to any increased improvement.
Samumed began experimenting with the new treatment through low-key clinical trials, which continued for almost two years and finally ended with the successful results of the phase 2 study. After getting successful results in the phase 2 study, the company is seeking a solution for the dose response issue. Once the drug has been optimized without the dose response issue, the company will move forward to the phase 3 testing. According to the recent updates, Samumed has indicated that it will hold the stage 3 of its phase 2 testing in 2017 as it has successfully worked out the kinks in the biopsy analysis of the phase 2 testing. The company has announced that it will move on to phase 3 testing once it has successfully completed stage 3 of phase 2 testing by the end of 2017.

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