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Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

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Last updated: Feb 24, 2020

Saw Palmetto is a herb of tropical origins that has long been used to treat a number of scalp and skin conditions. It has been noted for its ability to maintain a healthy skin as well as a treatment for reversing hair loss.

Saw Palmetto Supplement

It was used by native Americans who, it is thought, used it to help revive hair follicles as well as make the scalp less sensitive to stress and irritation long considered a contributor to hair loss.

It can also help with other causes of hair loss such as certain pathological conditions and generally help with alopecia. Saw Palmetto is composed of bioactive ingredients that are lipophilic. This means that they can be extracted into an oil and are easily absorbed by the skin. This can be directly applied to the area which requires treatment.

Although it is not entirely understood, it is believed that Saw Palmetto blocks a key enzyme which allows the male hormone testosterone from being converted into ‘dihydrotestosterone‘ (DHT). This hormone is considered to be one of the major contributors to hair loss.

Topical Saw Palmetto Application for Hair Loss

Saw palmetto can be applied directly to hair roots, much like many other hair loss topical. For best results leave on the scalp fo 1-2 hours to ensure that it is absorbed into the hair follicles. Ideally, it should be applied before sleep and then left overnight.

Saw palmetto can also be consumed as a dietary supplement.

Oral saw palmetto supplementation for hair loss

Saw palmetto has been shown to reduce the conversion of testosterone into DHT in the blood by inhibitting the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This makes saw palmetto a natural (but less effective) alternative to Propecia (Finasteride). It also has fewer and less significant side effects compared with Propecia.

Side Effects and Warnings

Effects include stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea and nausea. In rare cases saw palmetto supplementation is known to affect libido and cause temporary erectile dysfunction.

It is not advised for pregnant or nursing women, children or those with kidney or liver disease. As there has been little research on people with these conditions it wouldn’t advisable to take Saw Palmetto until such a time it has been approved for such people.

If you are male always inform your doctor before starting a saw palmetto course because commonly it reduces prostate size. Since prostate size is the primary indicator for determining prostate health (during a prostate check, which is a crucial check for prevention and detection of prostate cancer), if the prostate size is reduced by saw palmetto and your doctor is not aware that you have been using saw palmetto, they may misinterpret your prostate exam results (due to an incomplete picture). Therefore it is extremely important that you inform your doctor before you start a course of saw palmetto supplementation.

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  1. last two years i am totally fade up due to frequent hair fall.i am 23.already i taken vitamin e capsule several time..but it does not make any change the middle of my head day by day hair totally a day i make a it harmful??/plz give me some suggestion for regrowing my hair,,,i want to recover my lost hair :”(

    1. The most likely cause of your hair loss is a combination of elevated DHT levels and scalp sensitivity to the negative effects of DHT. The best thing you can do is remove built up DHT from the scalp and reduce your body’s DHT production levels. I explain in detail how to do both of these things in my eBook, which is available here:
      If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email — I’ve sent you my email address.

  2. hellow sir,
    i am 26 male.i am losing hair since 21.i am worried .my hair is so thin.and i can see new hair is growing but it dont have strength in it,it’s so weak ,so so thin(want to watch very closly for better visibility),and dry.i had dandruff but nw i suggestd biotin tablets for 40 days n himalaya hairzone lotion for 3 months.i completed for 1 month.but nathing change in my hair loss,i have once adviced to take iron content tablets in ayurvedic i felt too much hairfall due to tat, so i stopd.i m worried ..pls suggest me.i do massage.sum tym use oil(coconut,amla)i take vitamin b capsules.

    1. It’s unlikely that the things you are currently doing will help stop your hair loss. Taking vitamin tablets is unlikely to help greatly – unless you are a nutritionist and know exactly how to use them properly (this is one of the reasons why I don’t advise taking vitamin supplements).
      If your hairs are still growing but are looking very thin it is likely they are going through the stages of ‘hair follicle miniaturization’, which is a process whereby the hairs become thinner and thinner until they eventually become dormant.
      Te miniaturization is most likely caused by DHT around the roots of the hair. First of all you need to remove the DHT as much as possible and then you need to go on an intense regime of feeding the hairs in order to reverse the miniaturization and get them growing back to fuller thickness.
      You can remove the DHT by following the steps I explain in my downloadable hair loss eBook. I explain a technique that can be used to remove built up DHT and kick the scalp into ‘hair growth mode’. Then by increasing blood circulation in the scalp you further remove DHT with increase blood flow to and from the hair roots and this also helps feed the hair from within the scalp. I then show you how to directly feed the dormant hair follicles to reactivate them.
      If you need any further help please email me — I’ll email you my private email address now.

  3. thanks sir.. i will follow you,right nw i have questions in m mind
    1. this DHT is necessary for our body?if yes then if we remove it,will it have any side effects?i am asking bcoz sum where i red DHT blocker’s may reduce semen in men.
    2. once we remove DHT completly ,will it appear again?asking boz can i stop taking anti DHT medicines.
    3. how would i will knw i have high DHT level or low DHT level or i don’t have DHT at all?how i will cum to knw.
    4. how long it may take to cure hairloss.
    5. sir will my gone hair can will be back ,is it possible.
    6.wat are the steps to keep this DHT away frm us
    sorry to ask too many quetions sir…sorry

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