Sayria Jade - How to Stop Hair Loss

Sayria Jade

While showing her viewers her favorite hair styles and make-up applications, Sayria goes above and beyond by uploading lifestyle videos, in which she gets her boyfriend involved with her video production. Since Sayria first joined the YouTube community on the 8th of July 2012, she has managed to reach 130,000 subscribers along with nearly 3,900,000 video views. While she spends her time making weekly YouTube videos for her subscribers, she takes pride in her curly hair and uploads regular videos on how she obtained those curls as well as how she maintains them. In Sayria’s most viewed YouTube video she goes into detail about how to slay the edges of your hair. This video is aimed at those who have natural hair and are looking for an efficient hair style while also managing the baby hairs that are at the roots of your hair and are visible when you put your hair in a bun!]]>