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Slikhar mens hair tutorial videos
To their fans they are known as SlikhaarTV, although in real life they are known by their friends and family as Emil and Rasmus.
Emil and Rasmus’ channel’s main focus is hair for men. They upload videos such as the latest men’s hairstyles and the best products that they’ve found work best on men’s hair. They upload their videos on a weekly basis.
The brothers have been a part of the YouTube community since January 2009. Since they have joined the community, they have managed to reach nearly 1,400,000 channel subscribers along with an incredible 180,000,000 video views.
Emil and Rasmus are twin brothers who run one of the only YouTube channels that focuses on hairstyles and haircare for men. Their channel features a variety of videos such as the latest hairstyles, how to give a professional haircut, as well as ways for men to treat their hair properly.
In their most viewed YouTube, they give an in depth tutorial on how to cut and style hair in order to be like one of the most famous sports stars, Cristiano Ronaldo. In the video, they give a step by step guide showing how the hair shading is performed correctly, as well as how to style your hair after it has been cut.