Softening Your Hair May Prevent Hair Loss: Here’s Why and How –

Softening Your Hair May Prevent Hair Loss: Here’s Why and How

New research from Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Illinois has discovered that as we age hair becomes ‘harder’ making it less likely to grow. By softening it, more hair grows. Here’s what you need to know…

The scientists have delivered microRNA nanoparticles (miR-205) into the skin, which stimulate existing stem cells, making new hair growth occur.

According to the study, scientists used an RNA molecule called miR-205 to soften the follicles, which stimulates regrowth.

miR-205, also known as microRNA-205, is a small non-coding RNA molecule that plays a regulatory role in gene expression. MicroRNAs are short RNA sequences, typically consisting of 20-25 nucleotides, that are involved in post-transcriptional gene regulation.

miR-205 is a specific microRNA that has been extensively studied and found to be involved in various biological processes, particularly in the regulation of cell proliferation, differentiation, and migration.

There’s been a lot of research in the area of up-regulating gene expression in the follicles in order to ‘switch on’ hair growth, but it’s hard to say whether this is something that can be made into a product or applied by people at home.

So far the team at Northwestern have experimented on mice. It will be interesting to see whether they’ll be able to progress to human trials. If so, it’s quite possible a future treatment will go into development and that could be a great addition to people’s current hair regrowth regimes.

I guess if people are using Minoxidil, Dermarolling, Valproic Acid, Sandalore, Peppermint oil, Melatonin, Velvet Deer Antler, Adenosine and now this possible new treatment, we’re going to see incredible results. We may even have a complete cure for hair loss.

This is the regime I use in my topical the Growth Factors serum, which I regularly review and improve, when I find new discoveries like this.

Needless to say, I’ll be keeping track of this!

Check back for updates on a possible total cure for hair loss.