Some questions and answers about DHT and hair loss –

Some questions and answers about DHT and hair loss

I have some questions about DHT.
1. Is this DHT necessary for our bodies? if yes then if we remove it, will it have any side effects? I am asking beacause somewhere I read DHT blocker’s may reduce semen in men.
2. Once we remove DHT compleetly, will it appear again? I’m asking because can I stop taking anti DHT medicines?
3. How would i will know I have high DHT level or low DHT level or I don’t have DHT at all?
4. How long it may take to cure hairloss?
5. Will my gone hair be back — is it possible?
6. What are the steps to keep this DHT away from us?

Hi Suhael and thanks for your questions.

DHT is responsible for the development of the male genitalia at a very young age and the characteristic changes boys go through during puberty — facial hair and body hair. However, it also causes hair loss later in life. This is far more likely to happen in men, who have more DHT than women. However women can still lose hair due to DHT and can also grow facial hair due to DHT — this often happens late in women’s lives.

It won’t make you less of a man if you inhibit the production of DHT in your body because we inhibit DHT without reducing testosterone levels — so your testosterone levels will remain unaffected. You shouldn’t take anti-DHT medicines because these do reduce your testosterone levels and essentially make you less of a man.

The best sign that you have removed DHT from the scalp, reduced your scalps sensitivity to DHT and reduced DHT production in your body will be an improvement in your hair — that’s really the only way you’ll know — but it should be fairly obvious as your hair starts to grow back.

You’ll need to do more than remove and reduce DHT to regrow your hair though. In my experience, most people don’t notice they’re losing their hair until they’ve lost almost 50% of it. By this stage you’re scalp is most likely in a dire state and will need some fairly extreme methods to get it back to peak condition — which is exactly what I explain in my eBook.

If you follow the instructions in my eBook you can stop hair loss in weeks. However it could take up to 6 months before you start to regrow lost hair. For some people it is much quicker. Stopping the hair loss is fairly easy. It’s regrowth that is difficult.

It is possible to regrow lost hair. You have to reactivate dormant hair follicles by feeding them and by alternating between mildly damaging your scalp and intensely nourishing it — which causes a massive increase in cell production, healing and growth in the scalp. The alternation keeps your scalp in a perpetual ‘growth mode’.

The eBook explains the steps that you need to take to permanently reduce your DHT levels without having to take any medication, supplements or follow any time consuming techniques on a daily basis. However, the instructions are not easy to carry out. Some are easier than others and you can achieve a lot with just the easy parts but it’s worth going the full flog, taking some time and properly completing the more difficult parts of the method.

Download a copy from here and if you don’t think you can do it, cancel your order via Google Checkout and you’ll get a full refund.

Keep me informed of your progress.

All the best,


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