How to Stop Hair Falling Out: The Best Method -

How to Stop Hair Falling Out: The Best Method

The best method

If your hair has started falling out it’s most likely caused by a change in your hormones, which has increased levels of the hormone DHT in your body. DHT causes hair loss when it interacts with the hair follicles.

It’s important that you act fast. If you act quickly you have a much greater chance of stopping the hair loss and regrowing any lost hair. The longer you wait, the harder it gets to do something about it.

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Other, less effective ways top stop hair falling out

Use a topical containing minoxidil

Best topical hair loss treatments
There are numerous scientific ways of treating hair loss, reducing its effects and making your hair healthy. Topical treatments are possibly the most popular way to stop hair from falling out. Androgenetic alopecia will affect up to 70% of men and 40% of women at some point in their life, and according to most research, the best solutions are topical. Minoxidil has been successfully used to both prevent and stop hair loss and together with other treatments like finasteride can even help regrow hair. (Olsen et al., 2002)
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Use a ketoconazole shampoo twice a week

Best ketoconazole shampoo
While minoxidil and finasteride are often quoted as the best combination of topical and pill based solutions for treating androgenetic alopecia, other topical substances have been proven to be similarly effective: for example a mix of minoxidil and ketoconazole, a synthetic imidazole antifungal drug that is often prescribed for fungal infections. The same antifungal ketoconazole mixed with finasteride was also shown to be even more effective in preventing and stopping baldness. (Khandpur et al. 2002)
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Use a caffeine shampoo the rest of the week

Majestic Coffee hair loss shampoo
While it sounds rather far-fetched, caffeine can also help when it comes to stopping hair loss. Of course, consuming coffee the normal way won’t do much in the way of getting your hair back. However a shampoo or any other topical with very high doses of caffeine has been proven to reduce hair loss for both males and females and even promote hair growth. The science behind it shows that high doses of caffeine stimulated cell proliferation, inhibited apoptosis/necrosis, and upregulated IGF-1 gene expression and protein secretion. The shampoo can also be used on patients that have not lost their hair already as it has no effect on dead or dying hair roots. (Fischer et al. 2014)

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