How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair if Money is No Object –

How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair if Money is No Object

You may think that if money is no object you would simply have a hair transplant. However, this is not the case for two reasons:
One, for the weeks and months following the operation you have to explain to everyone you meet what has happened to your hair. This doesn’t bother some people but many people find this quite laborious, embarrassing or otherwise bothersome.
Secondly, a hair transplant doesn’t solve the underlying problem (the hair loss). The hair loss will continue, which may result in an unusual hairline.
All that said, if money is no object, my number one recommendation is a hair transplant. However, I recommend you complete the hair transplant as part of the below process to make the best of it:

1. Take a world class hair growth supplement

This is worth starting now to help strengthen existing hair and reduce the impact of biological factors that cause hair loss (such as DHT and poor scalp blood circulation). It takes minimal time and effort and it insures your body receives a good supply not only of the key nutrients needed for hair growth but also botanical extracts that help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth through various biological actions.
I’ve published what I believe to be the world’s best hair loss supplements here on Here are my pick of the best:

  • TRX2 powerful hair growth supplement
  • Hair Covet hair loss supplement
    Hair Covet by Lipogaine
  • Corvinex hair loss supplement

2. Use one of the world’s best topicals

After showering and before bed, apply one of these topical hair loss liquids to your scalp. It takes no more than 20 seconds to do and the ingredients in these products are very effective. I researched hundreds of products and published what I believe are the worlds best hair loss topicals here Personally I’d go for one of these three:

  • Best Topical Hair Loss Treatments
    DS Labs Sectral DNC N
  • Best Topical Hair Loss Treatment
  • Follinox-5
    Follinox 5

3. Reduce Your Cortisol Levels

Cortisol Control supplement
Cortisol is the hormone produced by your body when your mind perceives and experiences stress. If you experience high levels of anxiety in your life, reducing that anxiety may be the key to stopping your hair loss (and of course improving your life in many other ways).
However, the last thing you should do is avoid stressful situations in order to keep your cortisol levels down. This might help in the short term but in the long term it may teach you to react even more severely to situations that cause you to feel stressed.
Instead you should try to face and even conquer fears. Therapy may be the most effective way of helping you deal with anxieties that cause your cortisol levels to rise to unhealthy levels. You can also try using “binaural beats” with positive affirmations (which are sounds that help make you think more positively) together with supplements that reduce cortisol levels and help reduce stress and anxiety.

4. Get a hair transplant

After hair transplant surgery
The most effective way of quickly and significantly increasing the density of your hair is to have hair from the back and sides of your head surgically removed and implanted onto the top of your head. This is commonly known as a hair transplant and many celebrities have had them.
If money is no object, this is the procedure you should opt for. However, you should still use the other methods outlined in this guide. If you’re going to go through the tremendous hassle involved in having a hair transplant you should certainly follow the other methods in this guide – they will help prevent further hair loss and they may help your hair continue to get thicker after your hair transplant.

1. Switch your shampoo to one of these

This is a no brainer. It makes no difference to your life. You simply use a specialist hair growth stimulating shampoo instead of your normal shampoo. These are three of the best, but you can view all of my top recommendations here.

  • DS Labs Revita hair loss shampoo
    DS Labs Revita
  • Hair loss shampoo
    Pura D’Ora
  • Anti Hair Loss Shampoo
    Regene Pure

5. Follow the instructions in my eBook

The above products are the best in the world. But if you still find you’re losing your hair after a couple of months of using the above products, you probably need a more complete solution to the underlying causes of hair loss. The instructions in my eBook boost hair growth but they also show you how to undo the damage done to your scalp, blood vessels, hormonal balance, digestive system and psychological response to stress stimuli over many many years of building up bad habits.
If you want a true solution to the underlying causes of hair loss, check this out.