Stop stress related hair loss by changing the way you deal with stress -

Stop stress related hair loss by changing the way you deal with stress

Know this: If you are a very calm, relaxed person who deals with stress and pressure in a relaxed manner, your health is benefiting greatly. If your muscles are loose and relaxed, you breath deeply and calmly and you have a slow steady pulse, your body will function at a very high level of efficiency and you will age slowly.
It was proven in a 2008 German study that stress causes hair loss. I’m fairly certain that stress was a major cause of my hair loss – in fact THE major cause of my hair loss. As soon as I realized this, I knew that until I was a relaxed, calm individual, I would never truly stop my hair loss. And so there was only one option for me. I had to find a solution. Otherwise no matter what hair loss treatments I used, I would never truly stop my hair loss. And experiencing stress to the levels that I did is no way to live anyway. So I am VERY glad that I have found the solution.

How I cured my ‘stress disorder’

I was suffering from ‘social anxiety disorder’. This is an extreme and irrational form of stress. My life was a living hell and I couldn’t explain it. But I’m not the kind of guy who gives up.
So I set about understanding and finding a way to cure my disorder. I researched every facet of anxiety/stress to try to figure it out. I came to realize that it’s all about your inner voice.
We all have inner voices, although some of ours may be clearer than others. Mine is very clear. I have a lot of thoughts going on in my head all at once. I’m thinking about a multitude of possible scenarios at any one moment in time. Unfortunately, if you combine this high level of thinking with negativity, what you get is anxiety.
For a while I would have considered trading my intellect for peace in my mind. Because that would work. But I would never do that. Instead I found a way to literally re-train my mind, without sacrificing anything.
I developed a system that changed me from a wreck of a man into a calm, relaxed guy, without losing my clear focussed way of thinking. If anything I’ve become more focussed.

This is how it works

You live your life. You do things. You observe other people. People react to the things you do. You make your own conclusions in your mind about what you’ve done, how it’s affected you, how you reacted to it and how other people reacted to what you’ve done.
These conclusions shape the way you think. And they build upon themselves. Over and over again.
For some people, this makes them very confident. Their minds have developed so that for every defeat, they learn and with every success their confidence sky rockets. This is the mindset of successful people.

How my mind training programme works

I am an extreme case. My stress was what is labelled a ‘disorder’ – or at least I was bordering on having a disorder. So I had to develop a programme that really works. It has turned me into a relaxed, calm, confident person. If it can do that for me, it will most likely have a huge benefit for the average person.
With my Book you get 8 audio files. You can listen to these pretty much any time – while you work, while you relax and even while you sleep. The audios flood your mind (both concious and sub-concious mind) with positive messages. These messages train your mind to be focussed, calm and relaxed in stressful situations.
I had to use this method, just to dig myself out of a living hell. But my method works so well that it is the ideal programme for anyone who needs to change the way they deal with stress in order to stop stress related hair loss.
It’s a proven fact that stress causes hair loss. So it’s silly to ignore stress if you want to stop your hair loss. If you don’t reduce your stress levels you won’t stop your hairs loss (if stress is a factor in your life). My programme achieves that. It was the only way I could properly stop my hair loss – by eliminating one of the primary underlying causes – so I had to do it. Simple as that.
In chapter 2 of my book I explain how to use the 8 professionally recorded audio files. Anyone who buys the book will also be entitled to receive free custom made audio files that I am going to have made based on your feedback. My method is really effective and I want to develop it further. So with your feedback I’m going to make the audio programme a lot better. Anyone who helps me out by sending their feedback (you’ll learn all about this in the members area) will get free professionally recorded custom audio programmes in return for your help. This feedback will help my research greatly and so I am happy to give back free audios in return. Plus I have a great deal of empathy for people who suffer badly with stress, which is partly why I’m doing this.