SunKissAlba - How to Stop Hair Loss


While many of her YouTube fans know her as ‘SunKissAlba’, in real life she is known by her friends and family as just Alba!

What’s Alba’s Channel About?

The main focus of Alba’s channel is hair styling and taking care of your hair. The videos she produces for her channel show her viewers how to take make their hair healthy using products which she recommends to do so, along with tutorials on different hairstyles that she finds appealing. Alba first joined the YouTube community in 2010. During her time she has been able to gain over 657,000 subscribers as well as nearly hitting 35,000,000 video views! Alba uses her channel to share her love of natural beauty with her viewers through her own experiences. She spreads positive vibes in order to help her viewers develop and appreciation for their own beauty. Alba’s most video YouTube video is based on strengthening your hair in order to help protect it against heat damage as well as recover from any hair damage that you’ve already experienced. In this video she goes on to show a variety of methods and products which will help you get to where you want to be with your hair.]]>