SUPER FAST Hair Growth Using the "Inversion Method" -

SUPER FAST Hair Growth Using the "Inversion Method"

The inversion method is claimed to grow your hair about 1 inch a week. Today I will tell you exactly how to do this method.
Take an oil of your choice, and mix it with coconut oil in a small bottle.
Once you have mixed both of the oils together in a bottle, apply it to your hair and massage it right into the roots of your hair, making sure you cover as much of your hair as possible.
Once you’ve massaged the oil mixture into your hair, sit down and pull your hair over the front of your head for roughly 4 minutes. This will increase the blood flow to your scalp and boost the nutrients being supplied to your hair.
Once the 4 minutes are up slowly bring your hair back over your head and braid your hair. You have to leave the oils in your hair overnight to let the process take place, so with that in mind cover your hair using a plastic bag, plastic wrap or even a showercap, so that the mixture on your hair doesn’t get on any furniture or your pillow. Once you wake up, wash your hair as you usually would with shampoo and conditioner, and let it dry naturally.
It’s suggested that you only do this once a month so that your hair doesn’t get too used to it, it’s also suggested that if you are pregnant, on your period, or have any health conditions, that you don’t to this either. Enjoy trying this method!

Is there any truth to this method?

Yes there is. By lowering your head you force blood to flow to your scalp. Blood contains nutrients that the hair needs to grow. So the inversion technique is effectively delivering nutrients to your hair, which qill help it grow.
What about the oils?
The oils are pointless. They won’t do anything to your hair to make it grow. However, they will protect it from damage while you sleep. If you were to perform this technique every night it would really help you grow longer hair and it would prevent split ends.


There’s a MUCH better way of performing this technique. This vastly improved method, mega-feeds your hair. Check it out here (ignore the title of the post).