Super Voluminous Hair WITHOUT Back Combing OR Blow Drying -

Super Voluminous Hair WITHOUT Back Combing OR Blow Drying

The “FHI heat styling brush” is the main product we will be using today. It will help increase the volume in your hair. Using it is simple and shouldn’t take too much effort.
As usual, start by washing your hair and let it dry naturally. You can towel dry it at first although don’t rub it too hard, try dabbing instead!
Once your hair has completely dried and the brush has heated up, take a small section of your hair and slowly brush starting from the roots of the section you have in your hands. Once you have done this, drape your hair over the opposite side of your head. If you are doing it to the right side of your hair, flip it over the left side.
Once you have done the above to all of the hair on the sides of your head, lets go to the back. Do the exact same as before except drape your hair over the top of your hair for a few minutes then drape it backwards once again.
If you have straight tips at the bottom of your hair, use the brush and give them a curl! Do this by wrapping the straight hair around the brush for a few seconds before unwrapping it.
Now that we’re finished with the wand, it’s time to use some product. Make sure you don’t use too much product as it can cause damage to your hair. Use some hairspray, it works best!
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