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Does hair gel cause hair loss?

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  • Hair gel does not cause hair loss, but…
  • If you use hair gel every day, I recommend rinsing it out before going to bed. Why?
  • Because most hair gels contain mildly toxic ingredients. If you go to sleep with gel in your hair it’s likely that some of the gel will get absorbed into your scalp skin.
  • It’s possible that the toxic ingredients could be bad for your hair. However…
  • Compared with the most powerful causes of hair loss — DHT and stress, hair gel is not likely to have a significant impact on your hair.
  • If you think your hair los is caused by gel, you’re probably wrong. It’s more likely that DHT or stress is the true cause. I recommend reading this article on reducing DHT and the stres hormone, cortisol.

Greasy gelled hair that is falling out and becoming thin

The use of hair gel on it’s own does not cause hair loss and in fact you could use gel regularly for a long period of time without experiencing any negative side effects, providing you wash your hair and scalp well every day and avoid going to sleep with gel in your hair.

However gel may have an impact on hair loss.

Here’s why…

Hair grows in phases. Each individual hair on your head grows for a period (several years), then it goes into a resting period for around two weeks, before it falls out. The hair that has been shed will be replaced with a new hair. This is why it is important to keep the scalp clean and the pores clear and unblocked.

Ever noticed bald people often have shiny scalps?

You may have made the observation that many bald people and people with receding hair lines or thinning hair, often have shiny scalps. This shiny layer is caused by a build up of an oil called ‘sebum’, which combines with dead skin cells, cosmetic styling products (such as hair gel) and other pollutants. This oil layer builds up and becomes embedded into the scalp, making it impossible to wash out using conventional shampooing methods. The hardened embedded oil fills in pores around the edges, eventually entirely filling the pores. This causes hair follicle miniaturization and eventually can contribute to total hair loss.

Healthy Scalp

Sebum embedded Scalp

So, while hair gel does not cause hair loss, it may be a contributing factor, especially if you have used it for years without being careful to wash your hair and scalp daily, particularly before bed, in order to prevent the clogging of your skins pores.

Organic hair gels and waxes

Do something About it Now

To prevent the potentially damaging effects of hair gel on your scalp and hair, switch to a healthier, nutrient rich organic hair gel, or wax. You can view some of the best in the world here:

Organic Hair Gels and Waxes

What can you do about this?

Examine your scalp under a good light. Is it very shiny? If so it may be coated with a hardened and embedded layer of sebum based plaque.

Unfortunately in many cases the plaque layer is so embedded into the skin that no shampoo can remove it. In fact there is really only one way of effectively removing it and clearing the pores.

In step 1 of the Hair Loss eBook I provide detailed instructions explaining exactly how to fully remove the embedded layer of plaque, in your home, using the only known method for achieving this vital objective — to the fullest extent, making your scalp absolutely like new. This will revitalize and invigorate your scalp, encouraging blood flow and cell production.

Once the coating has been removed you will learn how to reactivate the dormant hair follicles and you will start to see new hair growing within a month or so.

Then you will learn how to stop the the sebum based plaque layer from reforming by normalizing your sebum levels.

That’s the first step of the book. There are six steps. After you’ve completed step 1 you will go on to learn how to eliminate stress, making yourself a calm relaxed person using our free audio files that you can listen to at any time, without any effort. These files will bombard your brain with positive messages that will gradually change the way you think, making you a calm individual who reacts to stressful situations in a relaxed manner.

In steps 3 to 6 you will learn how to normalize hormonal balance (a key factor to stopping hair loss), improve the efficiency of your liver (another key factor), turbo charge your hair growth with a key food (eaten at a specific time in combination with several other key foods) and finally you will learn how to turbo charge your circulation to get an abundance of nutrients to the newly re-activated hair follicles.

This six step programme will change the ‘mode’ of your body from one that is experiencing hair loss to one that naturally grows hair.

You say that the effect of DHT is a reduction of the diameter of the hair follicle and hair shaft. My hair shaft is as thick as it’s always been. Does this mean that my hair loss is not caused by DHT?

It is likely that DHT is a factor in your hair loss. From my experience you are likely to notice loss of hair numbers before you start to notice the thinning of individual hairs; however it is likely that you will start to notice the thinning of individual hairs in time. As a male with hair loss, DHT is thought to be the most common cause.

I would recommend that you examine your scalp very closely under a good light. If you can see any abnormalities in the skin, or if the skin looks unhealthy in some way, email me back describing the symptom you have observed and I will advise you further. If you don’t notice any abnormalities from your visual examination of the scalp, it’s likely that DHT is your primary cause of hair loss.

I would also recommend giving your scalp a very good wash with a shampoo containing salicylic acid, in order to remove some of the dead skin cells to give your scalp a breather.

But in answer to your question; without any more information all I can tell you is that it is likely that DHT is a cause of your hair loss and if you don’t do anything about it now you will start to notice a reduction in the diameter of individual hairs over the next year or so.

All the best,