The key amino acids for hair growth and stopping hair loss

Amino Acids for Hair Growth to Prevent Hair Loss
Hair is made primarily of a protein called keratin. Hair keratin is formed from 16 amino acids, which become ‘keratinized’ (they form keratin) in the scalp, before hair emerges from the scalps surface.
Your hair needs amino acids to be sent to the scalp to form keratin and grow hair. So you might assume that by consuming loads of amino acids you could increase your hair growth, make your hair thicker and even stop hair loss. Although it’s not quite as simple as that, you can improve the health of your hair substantially and quickly by consuming high doses of some key amino acids.

Which amino acids stimulate hair growth?

Arguably the most important amino acid is cysteine because it is the largest component amino acid in keratin. Therefore increasing the rate at which cysteine is delivered to your should increase your rate of hair growth, thickness of hair and improve hair texture. However it’s not quite as simple as that.

Why mega-dosing on cysteine might not increase your hair growth

Anyone can supplement with cysteine. The problem is your body won’t necessarily use the extra cysteine for hair growth. Cysteine has many other important uses and if you suffer from hair loss your body will use the extra cysteine in every way except hair growth! Why? Because increasing your intake of cysteine is not enough to increase hair growth. You also need to increase the blood supply to the developing hair follicles in the scalp in order to deliver the cysteine to them. Furthermore, your body will naturally convert cysteine into other compounds and amino acids for use in other processes. This however can be prevented to some extent by supplementing with the amino acids your body naturally converts cysteine into. Additionally, if you are using cysteine supplements, you need the right kind of cysteine, which is optimal for assimilation by your body for your hair.

Supporting minerals

Although hair is made primarily of keratin, it also contains several minerals and the root containing the follicular development contains further vitamins and minerals that support the development of the hair. Increasing your consumption of the amino acids that increase hair growth alone is not enough. You also need to increase your consumption of the supporting vitamins and minerals.

The key is in the delivery

While your hair can benefit greatly from an increased consumption of the key amino acids, vitamins and minerals that grow hair, more important than that is increasing the blood supply to the hair follicles. But it’s not a simple case of improving your blood circulation using a herb like ginkgo biloba or by getting more exercise. That may help a little, but in order to get dramatic hair growth results you need to do something very specific.
How hair receives nutrients via blood stream
Each hair in your scalp is connected to your blood supply by tiny blood vessels at the surface of your scalp. These tiny blood vessels are what we need to concentrate on. In the scalps of people who suffer from hair loss these tiny blood vessels are so weak that hardly any blood is supplied to the hair follicles on the top of the scalp. The worst hit hairs tend to be the ones in the temples and crown.
In order to get the hairs on the top of your head growing again we have to breathe life back into these tiny blood vessels and get them pumping with blood again. By doing this, the amino acids you consume will have much greater access to the hair and as a result your hair will be fed with massive amounts of nutrients. You can achieve this using what I call The Alternation Method.

How to send massive amounts of hair growing amino acids to your hair

So this is how it works:

  • Step 1: Consume the key amino acids that boost hair growth
  • Step 2: Increase blood supply to the hair follicles, delivering the amino acids straight to your hair

To learn how to do this, download my eBook today. After you’ve downloaded the full eBook, drop me an email or head to the members forum and I’ll send over a summary version of the key points, including exactly which amino acids you need and how to use them in the correct combinations to promote rapid hair regrowth.