The Link Between Vitamin C and Hair Growth is Crucial -

The Link Between Vitamin C and Hair Growth is Crucial

The link between vitamin C and hair growth has been shown in many laboratory studies.
In a study by Sung et al., ascorbic acid 2-phosphate, a derivative of Vitamin C, was used to treat patients with androgenic alopecia (2006). The study found that there was “significant growth stimulation” in the cells located in the scalp, and the study eventually concluded that the vitamin C derivative promoted hair follicle growth in hair follicles. This suggests a link between vitamin C and hair growth, particularly in those with alopecia.
In addition, vitamin C is being used for stem-cell therapy. In a study done by Kim et al., Vitamin C was used to increase the survival and proliferation of adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) (2014). In the study, it was found that vitamin C successfully enhanced the hair growth promoting effect of these specific stem cells, strengthening the link between vitamin C and hair growth promotion. The study also noted that vitamin C is safe and easy to use; thus, it is a good candidate for further studies on vitamin C and hair growth.
Vitamin C helps strengthen hair, and lack of the vitamin in one’s diet will lead to brittle hair (HT Media LTD, 2014). In people with scurvy, a medical condition that results from lack of vitamin C, “corkscrew hair” (hair that becomes brittle and bent that was not originally so) is listed as one of the symptoms (MNT, 2015). Thus, there is ample reason to believe that increasing vitamin C intake orally could lead to new hair growth; however, it is of note that there have yet to be any studies conclusively proving this hypothesis. Nonetheless, the link between vitamin C and healthy hair growth has indeed been proven.


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