The Longest and Thickest Dreadlocks... the World! -

The Longest and Thickest Dreadlocks… …in the World!

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Last updated: Feb 17, 2020

Some people spend their lives looking for hair growth products in order to make their hair just a little bit longer. And then, there are people who grow their hair out to unimaginable lengths. Here are three people who grew dreadlocks so long that they have set world records!
Longest dreadlocks
Sudesh Muthu holds the world’s record for longest dreadlocks on a man. He has spent 23 years growing them out without cutting them and they measure a whopping 6’3 long. He drives to Toronto for a 3 hour treatment for his hair every weekend, and keeps his hair this long due to his Rastafarian faith.
Longest dreadlocks woman
Dubbed “The Black Rapunzel”, Asha Zulu Mandela holds the world’s record for longest dreadlocks, at 19 feet, 6 inches long! She originally began wearing dreadlocks due to her hectic lifestyle, and eventually fell in love with the style. Her doctors have told her that the weight of her hair could eventually lead to health complications, including paralysis, but she refuses to cut her dreadlocks.
Thickest dreadlocks
Tray Van Hay was known as the man with the “longest hair in the world”, even though this was never documented. He reportedly hadn’t cut his hair in fifty years, and had only washed it several times since growing it out. His reasons for not cutting his hair were that he believed it made him sick; he became seriously ill after cutting his hair when he was 25. Before his death in 2010, it weighed over 10.5 kilograms (23.15 pounds), and Tray Van Hay had to balance it on his head in order to walk!