The Scalp Regeneration Method -

The Scalp Regeneration Method

The Scalp Regeneration Method

Trigger rapid hair regrowth by breaking down old unhealthy scalp tissue, healing the scalp, flooding the scalp with powerful hair growth nutrients and generating healthy new hair follicles.

If you want to start regrowing your hair you must regenerate your scalp skin and hair follicles. No hair loss treatment will work until you’ve regenerated your scalp skin creating the perfect environment for hair growth.

This easy-to-follow method can be completed at home in just two minutes.

The genius of this technique is that it uses the body’s own powerful healing mechanisms to trigger new hair growth in the scalp.

Chris Carter

Chris Carter, creator of the method.

User results

Here’s a selection of photos sent in by users of the method. To send your photos in please email them to

Alain Pamintuan before and after hair loss nicehair

Does the method work for women?

Although no women have sent in photos rest assured it does work for women — even more so than for men. Many women have emailed me with testimonials. Some even stating that it has changed their lives. However, I have as yet been unable to get any women to send in their before and after photos!

Pick an option

Download the full instructions to the method. The download contains everything you need to complete the method in full, on your own, from home.

Prices are in US dollars.

The Full Method plus ongoing support

$49 per month*

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What you get:

  • The full method instructions
  • 6 x cortisol reduction audios
  • FREE 8 hour SleepOptimized Cortisol Reduction audio, worth $99!
  • Online support: Up to three question and answer sessions per week with the author!

The Full Method Everything you need to use the method

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$49 $39 one-off payment
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What you get:

  • The full method instructions
  • 6 x cortisol reduction audios
  • FREE 8 hour SleepOptimized Cortisol Reduction audio, worth $99!

The Full Method plus one month support

$99 one-off payment

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What you get:

  • The full method instructions
  • 6 x cortisol reduction audios
  • FREE 8 hour SleepOptimized Cortisol Reduction audio, worth $99!
  • Online support: Up to three question and answer sessions per week with the author!

*Minimum 3 months subscription if you purchase ongoing support.

Do I need support?

The instructions have been designed to be followed without need for support. They are simple, clear and easy to follow on your own, at home. You should not need any support. However, some people like to be given guidance and help with their unique situation. If you believe you will need support please make sure you order one of the items that includes support.

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What do other people say?

“I suddenly noticed literally hundreds of new hairs that hadn’t been there before”

“Around a month into starting the program I saw what I thought was impossible.

New hairs were sprouting in my receded hair line area. This is an area of my scalp that hadn’t seen any hair growth since I was a teenager. Around the same time I remember looking very closely at the spaces between the thick hairs at the center-front of my scalp and I suddenly noticed literally hundreds of new hairs that hadn’t been there before.

Over the following two months the hairs got thicker. The more hairs I saw the more motivated I was to use the techniques. I followed the program religiously. About a year later I am so ecstatic to say my hair is as thick now as it was when I was about 20!


From the bottom of my heart thank you Chris”

14 years of hair loss ended. And now regrowing.

I’ve been losing my hair since the age of 18, although I only realized some years later (in my early 20s).

Around the age of 21 I started using 5% rogaine religiously. Sometimes I would even use it 3 times a day. After a few years I moved on to spectral Ds (I think is the name). That was supposed to be the best hair loss product in the world. And I started using an expensive supplement twice a day. I considered using Propecia but the side effects stopped me in the end after I saw my friend lose all interest in getting a girlfriend for years. I always had a girlfriend so that didn’t matter but I didn’t want a drug to change the way I feel and even think.

A few years past and looking back at the photos on Facebook, my hair had thinned so much and I’d been finding ever ingenious ways to hide it!

I started using a laser comb, 12% minoxidil you can get this stuff online by the way if you hunt for it), anti DHT shampoo, anti DHT supplements, eating healthily. Still no good.

One day I found Chrises program ( and I fell for it, bought it and never even read it for some reason.

Then about 3 months ago I emailed Chris and he sent me a new version of the program. He told me all about how it works, which I think is where I finally got the motivation to do it.


I don’t know what results other people have seen on this program but I am convinced that this is the only way to regrow your hair.

From the bottom of my heart

Thank you Chris

I believe this is the true cure for hair loss…

Alain Pamintuan before and after hair loss nicehair

If you want to regrow your hair you must get your scalp hormones back to how they were before you started going bald. It is the only way. I only wish I had found this system sooner. I would have cured my hair loss a long time ago.

If you want to cure your hair loss you have to change the hormones in your scalp. You have to revert your scalp environment to be like it was when you were young. That is the genius of this system.

I recommend everyone follows this system. You will not regret it.

My hair is slowly coming back to me. I believe it will take many more months, or even years before my hair fully regrow but I know now this is the only way…

…Chris I salut you. You are a true guru! Thank you my friend…

…Your system is worth more money than all the other treatments I have bought times a thousand.

62 years old. Delighted!

I’m 62. I had very thick hair all of my life. But when I get to my 50s it began to thin on the top. By the age of 60 it was very thin, almost bald on the top. I have sent a picture into Chris so you can see my before and after. What can I say? I am delighted. My hair is not fully regrown but I am very very happy. You have to see it to believe it! As far as any downsides go I suppose it is quite a lot of effort to read all the instructions and using the Dermaroller on your scalp is not very nice. However it is not just about regrowing your hair. That of course is the main benefit but I think this is something anyone who is aging should do. It is very good for your hair, your skin and your organs. If you are thinking about giving it a go, I say go for it, you will not regret it.

I’ve had better hair regrowth using this method than I’ve had with any other treatments I’ve used

I know a lot about hair loss. I’ve been trying to stop my hair loss for over 10 years with varying degrees of success. I’ve tried just about every treatment you can try. I’ve done LLLT. I used high strength minoxidil for several years. That seemed to really help at first but then like everything else I’ve tried, results diminished pretty quickly.

I used Propecia for a few years. I really thought that would do something, but it didn’t really do much for me.

I’ve also tried a tonne of alternative treatments like supplements, chemicals, etc. Same story. Limited success.

So, onto this method that I stumbled upon roughly a year and a half ago…

I read it and I was impressed. Every instruction is backed up with scientific proof. It’s pretty good.

As far as results go I’ve had better hair regrowth using this method than I’ve had with any other treatments I’ve used. That said, I haven’t seen the kind of hair regrowth some of the other members have seen. I’m a little older than those guys though so I expect it to be a little harder for me.

The guys who put the program together have clearly put a lot of effort into it. It’s not some cheap eBook that just rewrites stuff off the net. It’s serious stuff. I won’t go so far to say this method is genius but it’s not far off.

It’s really not like anything I’ve seen in the forums and I’ve been following the forums for two years. In the back of my mind I didn’t think I’d learn anything new from this. But I was wrong, this really is worth a read.

This method works

This method works. I’ve been using the method almost everyday for 3 months. I was very lucky and saw the new baby hairs starting the emerge after only one month. I can’t explain the feeling you get when you see that. It’s been extremely hard for me losing my hair because I’m very young and my hair has always been a big part of my identity. When my hair started getting thin I became much much worse looking. As a young man in my early twenties it was pretty devestating to start looking unhealthy and ugly. When you start losing your hair at such a young age I think people presume there’s something wrong with you. Like you’ve got cancer or something.

So you can imagine when I saw that my hair was starting to get thicker so soon after starting the method I felt like a million bucks. My confidence is coming back, I have a spring in my step when I leave the house. I feel confident talking to people when there’s a strong light above my head.

Every week I give me scalp a good inspection and every week I feel better. I get a real buzz out of seeing more new hairs.

I don’t want to post my pictures up online because I’m too embarressed and I’m not using my real name in this review but I wanted you all to know you don’t have to suffer like I did. 3 months has passed and I estimate that I must have grown about 1500 new hairs. I base this on my count of roughly 50 new hairs at the top of my forehead in an area about 1 inch. Multiply that by about 30 square inches on the top of my head and you get 1500 new hairs as a rough estimate.

There’s a better way of counting the number of hairs somewhere in the instructions, but I can’t find it.

Anyway I’m pretty happy with roughly 1500 new hairs in 3 months. Even if it was just 500 I’d be pretty happy! I’d of been happy with anything 3 months ago. Now my aim is to get 3000 more new hairs by Christmas time. I think its possible.

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